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After spending days piecing blocks in preparation for this year's crazy quilting activities, I was anxious to start stitching! Now, after three days of adding stitches to this block, I'm a bit frustrated with it.  Thought it might be helpful to some of you to hear my inner thoughts on this as I work. 

Some of my frustration stems from the colors, which I knew would be a huge challenge.  Yet I find I am enjoying the brightness of them.  They are cheerful!  Just a huge change for me, which requires me to think differently than I have before. 

Because I wanted to cover the block in stitching, with the stitching spreading into the surrounding blocks, I think some of my frustration comes from the apparent lack of focus.  The colors for the most part are all the same value and the stitching itself all carries a similar weight, so there is no place for the eye to rest or to attract one's attention.  

The little button motif that I tried to add as a focal point actually needs to be mostly torn out and redone because it is too pale and gets lost among the rest of the stitching.  I hoped that maybe the ribbon flowers would provide some focus, but they are all too much the same color as the rest of the block.  Maybe if I change their position to where the button currently is that would help, and if I change the blue leaves to a dark green.  I think I will add some silk ribbon embroidered leaves as well.   

One of the advantages of me stitching in my "new" sewing room, is that Kitzy Cat is becoming more social just as I had hoped!  She has even been venturing out into the rest of the house, which is something she has not done for the two plus years that we have lived here!  So excited to see so much progress!  She really is a pretty cat, and sweet.  She definitely has a couple of other issues though and despite all my efforts, we have not yet been able to overcome them.  We'll keep trying! 

Kitzy has a magnificent coat.  Which sheds all over everything and then some!  I've had to cover everything she sleeps on as otherwise it would be covered in her thick grey undercoat which comes out in huge clumps no matter how much brushing she gets.  Unfortunately, she has decided that balls of perle cotton make wonderful cat toys, better than her kitty balls and other toys, so now I have to work out a new way to keep my stitching supplies cat hair free! 

I started off the New Year at work and had a lovely drive home on some of the best traffic free roads that I've seen since I started this long commute.  Along the South Platte River, the fog was thick in spots and lay like a lavender blanket along the ground.  I had to stop for a photo with my phone when I saw the huge flocks of geese flying by!  I love how they mirror the pattern in the clouds almost perfectly! 

Yesterday we had our third snow since Christmas!  A lovely day to be tucked inside where it's nice and warm!  Especially now that the furnace is fixed!  I arrived home on New Year's Eve morning (when it was Negative 14 degrees out!) to find that the furnace had quit working.  How grateful I was to call the service company whose label was on the furnace, have them show up when they said they would, had a great serviceman who was honest and quick and got things up and running in no time!  

Even though I have shoveled after each snow, it didn't take long for this latest snow to cover up all the clear spots!

Love those soft pillows of snow covering everything, especially when I don't have to go out in it other than to fill the bird feeders! 

I never did hear back from the winner of the 4th Advent pincushion, so the runner up winner is LoriF! Please e-mail me your mailing address Lori!


LoriF said…
Lisa, I think that block is absolutely the colours and the button certainly draws my eye, as you intended it to. Don't rip!

SO excited about the pincushion! Thank you!!
Not sure if you're asking for opinions on the block first thought was that I'd try adding just a tiny touch of black. Something radically different from the colours already used throughout. Maybe dark brown would be a thought too. Looking forward to seeing what you end up settling on.
Leeanne said…
Beautiful stitching! Your snowy home and sweet cat are both beautiful as well! Summer over here in New Zealand!
UrbanFrog said…
Hi Lisa. I think the block is Beautiful, and I love both the button motif and the ribbon flowers.
Block that showcase seamwork are always my favourite, and you have done a wonderful job on this one so far. I think it is the characteristic 'busy-ness' of those kind of block that appeals to me so much, the way the eye just wanders all over the place. Perhaps that is where the frustration is stemming from - you are used to doing more 'restful' type blocks. But there is nothing wrong with a busy block, it is just different from what you are used to, that's all.
suz said…
All of the work is amazing. Perhaps you need one element that you use consistently throughout the blocks - I'm thinking perhaps those silk ribbon bows with the long ends... Some of your frustration might just be because it's so different from the colors and styles you normally work with. Put it aside, where you can see it, and go do something else. Look at it first thing in the morning, fresh eyes and a cup of tea/coffee may help you see it differently.
Anonymous said…
I've enjoyed your blog for a few years and am intrigued with the new colors you're working with. They are out of my comfort zone as well, but I think I may give them a try. Thanks for the inspiration. BTW that block you are working on is beautiful!
Jan Myhre ~ Spokane, WA
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love the block, especially the bright colors! My eye is drawn to the center pink piece--maybe it's waiting for some more embellishment?
LoriF said…
Lisa, I sent you a note on FB, but just in case....I wanted to let you know I received the pincushion yesterday. It is stunning, so much more beautiful than in a photo. It will have a place of honor in my studio...thank you so much!!

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