CQJP 2015 - January Block

Once this block started coming together, it went very quickly!  Getting that lower right corner of flowers done was the turning point.  It helped me think beyond the seam, to realize that I didn't have to focus on seam-work, but rather simply on filling the block, that stitches could have their origin away from the seam.  

When I hit midpoint on this block, all of a sudden the block was overwhelming and I felt like I had lost my way with it.  The colors were suddenly intimidating as much as what to do next.  That central button motif wasn't helping as the colors of the leaves ended up being too pale.  So many of you provided great encouragement and I decided to leave it after all.  

Now, I think this January block is done.  I've left just a little blank space as the eye needs a place to rest now and then.  The space will also give me room to place elements that border the joining seams later should I choose to do so.  

One of the things I wanted to do on this block is to have it work well when viewed from different directions.  For the most part, I think I succeeded!  I'm so happy with the floral patch.  Oyster stitch made perfect little tulip blossoms along the rick-rac.  

The central button motif got enlarged and some fern like leaves added in a medium variegated green.  Instead of using the ribbon flowers separately, I moved them around the button.  To fill in the soft yellow patch, I added a feather stitched branch of leaves and bead flowers. 

If there is a seam I'm not entirely happy with, it is the lower chevron seam.  Those orange bullion flowers look a little too much like carrots to me!  I may go back and add a pink bead at the top of each one.  I also wish I'd used a couple different colors in the leaves. 

The upper right corner has one of those slightly bare spots.  I may add a bee here later, or allow a motif to spread across to this area once I join blocks down the road.  

I love the pattern of embroidery on the gold patch.  It's one I spotted somewhere and jotted down in my idea book, though I have made minor variations to it.
As I get more and more near sighted as the years pass, my field of focus narrows, just like in this photograph!  I find that my eyes get tired more quickly when working on these bright colors, which makes me wonder if that's way I tend to go for the soft quiet colors most of the time.  

I'm looking forward to getting started on February's block, though I'm going to take a little break and work on something completely different for the next couple of weeks.  I won't be able to share it just yet, so I may not be posting quite as much for the next couple weeks.  

It's Monday, so there was a new seam at Joyful Embellishments to stitch!  This one an alternating curved feather stitch with three colors of beads.  I'm really enjoying having a new stitch to do each day, with no decisions other than what thread and beads to use! At this rate, it won't be long and this runner/bell-pull will be finished! 


Willa said…
Not my colors but I love love love this block. Beautiful.
allie aller said…
I agree with you on the Joyful Embellishments....so fun to let Valerie do the thinking and we just get to play with our interpretations...
As to your block, I am so sorry the bright colors tire your eyes, as you are a wizard with them, truly. I think this is one of those breakthrough projects for you...your seams are delectable and original, but the way you fill the patches along with those seams just sends this way up to a new level...in my humble opinion! So beautiful and inspiring....
Anonymous said…
Your block is just beautiful.

Louise K.
Rengin Yazitas said…
Your blocks is so inspiring with its wonderful details...
Great job, indeed.
Oh my gosh!!! This block is chock full of lovely stitchery! I love it. It inspires me to learn more stitches. I started in 2012, with TAST, but got bogged, then DH took ill and I just didn't get back to it. Maybe I'll start again this year.

The idea of tiny pink beads at the tips of those orange flowers sounds good to me, as when you mentioned carrots, that's what they turned into to me. :-)

On those leaves could you just got back and put a darker green little stitch inside each leaf? Just a thought.

This is really a fabulous block, one I intend to study for reference.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady
Sue said…
Lovely work! You may have inspired me to finish a pincushion!
Jani said…
Though I too like the softer colors, I'm over the moon with this block's delicate touch on my senses (think Judith Montano's dark dusty work). Years ago my stitchery group made a front altar cloth filled with a myriad of flowers, in a variety of stitches similar to your beautiful block. Brings back lovely memories. Thanks for your courage to work with these colors. The block is beautiful. I'll look forward to your next posting.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful block! It reminds me of an English cottage garden - a riot of color that could be chaotic, except there's a definite plan behind it all. Wild beauty under control.

Jenni Godley
Alberta, Canada

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