A Beaded Seahorse

Yesterday, I finished this beaded seahorse!  I'm pleased with how he turned out!  It was fun to finally be able to use these great vintage sequins and the little itty bitty pearls that have been in my stash for ages.  

Here is the whole block.  It is the last block in a set of round robin blocks that I sent out way back when.  They've been languishing  in my "to do" basket ever since.  It's good to have finished yet another of my unfinished pile!  Well, not quite... I still need to put them all together. 

When finished, they will be an accordion book, laid out like this.

I've also been catching up on the Joyful Embellishment stitches after a busy work week that involved and extra day at the hospital for some skills training.  This is Feather Stitch #13, Perpendicular feather where the feathers are worked perpendicular to the seam and laid parallel to one another.  A perfect filling stitch for a small corner of February's CQJP 2015 block! 

Feather Stitch #14 is a stacked or layered feather stitch.  I've done this on a small under the sea project from my unfinished basket.  It looks like netting or if I had done the colors differently, it could have been water ripples and waves. 


Feather Stitch #15 is simply feather stitch and lazy daisies all done in silk ribbon.  I like the pattern of doing the lazy daisies in groups of three, which adds a bit of asymmetric interest.

Yesterday, I also had the joy of joining the Colorado Crazy Quilter's group that meets on the 4th Saturday of every month at The Stitching Shop in Denver!  Lovely group of ladies who are doing some gorgeous work!  I hope to be able to go again! 

This coming week involves 5 drives to Denver for work related things, so there won't be much time for stitching sadly.  So far, I'm close to on track with all that I had hoped to complete this month.  I've finished the January block for CQJP 2015, completed a Steampunk and a Mini DYB round robin block, completed the seashell unfinished block from my WIP basket and with the Joyful Embellishments stitches, have finished about half of the brown/cream bell-pull/runner!  In addition, I've been working on another block that is nearing completion, though I can't share it at this time.  I haven't been able to do one of the shaded green or linen blocks though.  Hope to be able to finish one of them in February!  Feels good to know that I've been able to accomplish so much this month!  Hope I can keep it up! 


It's stunningly beautiful! xoox
Ann said…
Such beautiful colors and workmanship! Your seahorse is ready to swim away. Congratulations.
Wow Lisa, your little seahorse is beautiful! Exquisite work once again.

I don't see how you accomplish all that you do and work outside the home also.

You amaze and inspire me.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady
aaaw - such a sweet little seahorse Lisa! He's adorable.
Sherry said…
Love the seahorse! And I love all the feather stitching, which is my very favorite stitch to do. I, too, am amazed at how much you accomplish!
amfuller said…
Beautiful! Just beautiful!

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