After Christmas...

Heavenly Hyacinths
The hyacinths that my sister sent me for Christmas are blooming and filling the house with a wonderful fragrance!  Blooming bulbs in the middle of winter just make my heart sing!  Thank you Holly! 

Mollie's Christmas Crown
The Christmas festivities are over and done for another year.  Ours was spread out over a week as our work schedules made it difficult to celebrate on the day.  Mollie Kitty wore a Christmas bow like a crown for part of Christmas Day!  She is one of the joys of my daily life!  

Christmas Tool Box!
Most of my gifts were of the practical variety this year!  Some fireplace tools and a nice wood holder for the fireplace and this big red tool chest to help get me organized in the garage!  My sister also sent me a lovely box of little gifts ~ bits of soap, candies, and other little things.  Our mother did this every year ~ we always had quite a little stack of tiny "stocking" gifts to open.  Though they were rarely fancy or expensive, somehow they were always the most fun to open!  What a treat from my sister who thought to continue the tradition!  

I hope that you all had a lovely holiday!  It's hard to believe that the year is almost over and it's time to start looking forward to the new year!   Blessings and peace to all! 


Diwakar said…
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Gillie said…
My mum did the same! Only they were tree gifts, to be opened after all the flurry of big gifts. Love your practical gifts!
Oh my - big case of tool case envy going on here! Lucky you! Happy 2014!!

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