Cardinal Pincushion

Pincushion finished, side 2
The pincushion is done!  The block was one I had pieced several years ago ~ 2009 maybe.  It languished in a box as I had no idea what to do with it once it was finished.  Then as I was looking through things trying to get re-inspired, I thought what a lovely Christmas pincushion it would make!  

Pincushion Top
Adding the embroidered cardinals makes all the difference!  I'm so happy with the way it turned out!  

Pincushion finished
Around the base, I added a bit of Christmas trim from my Aunt Mary.  She gifted me this summer with a couple of boxes of trim, beads and sequins, many of which I've used on this!  The trim added the perfect finishing touch! 

I've taken to putting my "signature" on the back of all my pincushions.  I think it's important for needle artists to take credit for their work!  We put so many hours into creating beautiful things.  For centuries, women have done such beautiful handwork but now, no one can tell who did the work.  It's a shame and something that I think should change!

Cardinal 3
I had such fun working on these cardinals!  Adding the black bead for the eye really brings them to life! 

Cardinal 2
This was my least favorite of the sketches, but I think he's my favorite now!  Though I still need to work on those beaks.  

Cardinal 1
When I sketched them, this was my favorite, now he's my least favorite, though I still like him!  I should have given him a branch to sit on.  

Pincushion Finished, side 3
I'm not sure I'd use this as a practical pincushion, more likely I'd use it as a decoration or maybe as a spot to keep a favorite holiday pin or two!  

p.s. it's finally starting to warm up here. We actually made it above 10 degrees for the first time in nearly a week yesterday!  

p.s.s. I've joined the 2014 Crazy Quilt Journal Project.  Hoping to finish one large pincushion a month throughout the year!  

p.s.s.s.  I noticed that I blog more when I'm stitching.  More to share, perhaps?  


UrbanFrog said…
Beautiful pincushion! I especially like how the gorgeous embroidered cardinals echo the cardinals in the fabric. It is really lovely :)
Laurie said…
The cardinals are so beautiful Lisa, your pincushion is a true work of art!
Sew so crazy! said…
Wow, this is beautiful!
Hideko Ishida said…
Lisa, I love your finished pincushion very much!! The cardinals are done and arranged so beautifully!! Hideko
Janet Stauffacher said…
This is really lovely!
sewok said…
Gorgeous pincushion! You did a fantastic job.
Debbie said…
This pincushion is absolutely lovely. Red birds have special significance in my family reminding us that God is always near. Just beautiful
Heide said…
Lisa - this is a jewel. Love love LOVE it!!!
Lovely pincushion! I think I would use it as a pretty paperweight because it's too nice to put pins into!

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