Welcome to My Kitchen!

Kitchen ~ Main wall
It's time to show off the kitchen!  The shelves are all painted, the kitchen has been cleaned and polished and even a few early Christmas decorations put out!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  This view is from the dining room door as you enter the kitchen.  It's not a big room, so it's difficult to get everything in one view!

Afternoon Light in the Kitchen
This is from the Studio doorway (which was probably the breakfast nook at one time).  Thomas is happy with the new kitchen too and has been sitting in it all afternoon!  The morning and afternoon light in the kitchen is wonderful!  It's one of my favorite things about this house!

Kitchen ~ Sink Corner
Here is a look back at the sink corner.  I can't guarantee it will always be this neat and clean, but I love how it looks right now!  The hooked rug on the floor was a gift from a friend.  She had bought it to use in her little cottage, but when they renovated, it no longer worked.  It works beautifully in this space and I'm so happy to have it!

Microwave Shelves
The microwave had been sitting in the studio for the past year. Not an ideal situation.  Nice to have it in the kitchen again!  You can see the wiring overhead waiting for the stove hood to be installed.  The hood has lights in it as well, so I'm looking forward to getting this task done in the near future.  I'll need my handy BIL to come for a visit to build the wood surround for it when it finally goes up.

Kitchen ~ Stove Wall
This is looking along the stove wall.  Loving how it all looks!

Tea Corner
The teapot has moved from the studio into the kitchen as well!  It's one of the important parts of my day, so I'm glad to have it in a more convenient spot!  That yummy bread is a Red Bean Bread from Pacific Ocean Market in Broomfield, Colorado.  Each pull apart slice is filled with a tasty sweet red bean paste!  It's one of my favorites!

Cutting Boards
The cutting boards all have a spot on the counter too.  Using them helps to keep my counters in great condition!  My kids give me a hard time about having so many of them, but I use them all!  I picked up the little mouse cheese board in Vermont when I went to meet Tasha Tudor a number of years ago.  Most of the striped cutting boards were made my Brother-in-Law George.  He does beautiful work, not just putting up shelves, but with all sorts of woodworking!  My mother's cutting board is there too, as well as two tiny ones tucked out of view that my Dad made years ago when he was dabbling with woodworking.

Ready for Christmas Baking!
On the Shelf over the microwave, I set up a few things in preparation for Christmas Baking!   It's almost time!  The first Sunday of Advent is only a week away!

Daddy's Silver Bowl
On the main shelves, I was able to use a few items I've had tucked away.  Some old silver plated candlesticks that I've had tucked away and a silver bowl that was presented to my Dad as a thank you for having directed the church choir.

Christmas Dishes
Since it's nearly Christmas season, I thought I'd go ahead and get my Christmas dishes out.  It saves me the effort of redecorating the shelves again next week after Thanksgiving!  The pale green Japanese dishes that I usually use have been tucked away in the china cabinet until after the holidays.

Christmas vignette
At the garden center, I found these cute little LED star lights that I wrapped around two little faux trees.  A perfect Christmas accent!  The little silver bowl is from my Mom.  I always loved it and am happy to be able to see and enjoy it now!  She had so much silver ~ always lovely, but a lot of work to polish and keep presentable!  I only kept a few small things.

Great Grandma Nieveen's Gingerbread Recipe
While scanning photos in the past couple weeks, I found this recipe tucked in among them.  It is from my Great Grandma Nieveen on my Dad's side of the family.  I've made it before, but this recipe is special to have since it's in my dear Aunt Olive's handwriting!  I tucked it on the refrigerator door and am thinking we might have to makes some for Thanksgiving to go with the pumpkin pie!

Irish Blessing
The refrigerator also hold this Irish Blessing, one that I wish for all of you!


Leslie said…
Oh, I just love your kitchen! I've loved everything you've done to the house, but the kitchen is really great. All that white with the wood counters and floors looks so clean. Love your Christmas dishes also.

And about the cake... what is the cup of 'sirup'? Dark corn syrup perhaps? Cause I think I'd like to make it!
Dawn said…
Love the kitchen, Lisa. Looks similar to mine. Of course, I love it! :)
hpk said…
Oh Sissy, it looks so open and bright! Like you I was worried that the shelves would make it more closed in and smaller in the kitchen, but now that it's all painted out white with your lovely things it looks "finished". And so nice that the micro and teapot are now in the kitchen space and not in the "studio". I'm so glad you stuck with the plan and put up all the shelves. Love to you, H
sspColorado said…
Thanks for the kitchen tour. Happy Holidays...and Happy cooking and baking. Two of the many things you do so well!
Ficou linda sua cozunha! O branco está otimo! Belas peças e o pão parece delicioso!
Bom domingo e aproveite bastante sua nova cozinha!
Um abraço!

Você quis dizer: Ficou linda sua cozinha! O branco está otimo! Belas peças e o pão parece delicioso! Bom domingo e aproveite bastante sua nova cozinha! Um abraço!
It was a beautiful cozunha! The white is great! Beautiful pieces and the bread looks delicious!
Very good Sunday and enjoy your new kitchen!
Connie said…
You have such beautifully simple taste. It's so sweet -- I love how you've chosen things that have meaning to you in your decor.
FredaB said…
Lisa you have done so well with your new house. I am happy for you as you sound very happy and content.

Suztats said…
A lovely kitchen filled with memories and treasures. Thanks for the blessing.
Leeanne said…
What a lovely kitchen! All your special treasures. I love the Irish blessing.
Anonymous said…
Have you considered getting a microwave built into your hood? It might save you some counterspace…
Not sure if it would match your kitchen or not. Just a thought…
Anonymous said…
The kitchen looks awesome! Love the personal touches, especially the silver bowl of your Dad's.
Gerry Krueger said…
I love the fact you use things you cherish... Having special tools etc. in the kitchen makes it all the more meaningful as a room of substance and sustenance. Gerry
Anonymous said…
This is so wonderful and I didn't know you met Tasha Tudor, that had to be fasinating!!! You will have such a happy memory Christmas this year. Really nice!!
JustGail said…
I love your new kitchen! Bright, open, airy, fresh!

Microwave in the range hood - only as an absolute last resort in my opinion :-) . If I were putting a hood in your kitchen, I'd be sooooo tempted to go with one that hangs from the center with glass dome, and leave the window as is.
hpk said…
The shelves turned out great! They look lovely with your things! So glad that you no longer feel it closed in thekitchen space. I will tell George (the BIL) to check out your blog to see the final result. IIt's so Blissful!

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