I found two types of baby yarn at Hobby Lobby that had a thread of rayon in them.  I bought a skein of each to make some swatches to try and replicate that shawl that my Mom's friend was wearing at her wedding.  They knit up quickly and then I blocked them.

The shimmer shows up better in this yarn and I like the way the horseshoes look in it, but the yarn feels rather crunchy in addition to being a pain to knit with.

This one feels much softer to the touch, knits easier, but the shimmer is almost un-noticable.  So far, this is my preference.  Now if I could just find a nice slightly ivory wool yarn with the rayon thread in it.  The pattern needs a bit of tweaking to match the one in the photo, but I think I know just what to do now that I'm familiar with the pattern!  That will be the next swatch!

I did go hunting through my stash and found this cotton and silk yarn that my mother used to weave with.  I thought I'd give it a try, but even without blocking, I can tell that it's just too uneven for a pattern like this.  Need to find something else to do with this one though!

Blessings and peace to all!


maire said…
Oh, I like the Baby Bee yarn better too! This should really knit up very nicely, Lisa. Happy stitching
Val said…
I love the pattern - and your dedication to getting it just right! It will make a lovely shawl.
Susan Elliott said…
Not that you need my opinion but I like the baby bee as well. It shows off the pattern beautifully.

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