Winter Scene WIP
I've been working on a winter themed painting.  Winter is supposed to arrive here in the next couple of days, but I haven't seen the juncos yet, so it may just be a teaser.

1955.09.03weddingshawl (1 of 3)
While scanning slides, I came across a set from my parent's wedding in 1955.  What jumped out at me (other than the youthful faces of my parents, which I'll share later) was this lovely knitted shawl!  It showed up in three of the slides.

1955.09.03weddingshawl (2 of 3)
It looks to be made of an off-white yarn with a bit of shiny in it.  I love the way it drapes!  What a perfect shawl to wear to a wedding!

1955.09.03weddingshawl (3 of 3)
It also showed up in the background of another photo.  Love the crinoline skirt on that dress!

Horseshoe Knitting Pattern
I'm enamored of that shawl and went looking for the pattern and came up with this in one of my books. The shawl in the photos looks like it has a two stitch garter pattern between the "horseshoes".  I'm going to start looking for some yarn to swatch and see if I can make a similar shawl!

Slide Files
The slide scanning continues!  I'm up through 1970 now, about 1/3 of the way through the slides, I think.  The new slide files came this week and they make keeping things neat and organized a cinch.

Slide Carousels vs Slide Files
Mostly, I love how they take so little space compared to the carousels, notebook pages and misc. boxes the slides have been in.  This entire stack of boxes fits into just over two of the slide files!  Now if I could just figure out what I did with a stack of slides in notebook pages that I seem to have misplaced...

I'm still looking for a good negative storage system.  Hoping to stay away from the notebook page type things as I think they scratch the film.  

Halloween Pumpkins
Have to leave you with a photo of my Halloween pumpkins from a couple days ago!  I hadn't carved pumpkins in years ~ so much fun to be able to again!  The kids loved my Halloween Cats!


Lisa, I love how you make the chore of archiving into an adventure. Such beautiful photos of your Mother. I love her wedding attire. The shawl is indeed gorgeous. Such an elegant woman. Your painting is coming along beautifully as well!
Anonymous said…
Oh I love your pumpkins, the best I've seen this year:):) I loved the shawl too.
Susan Elliott said…
I love your cats too! Those pics with the shawl are pretty great. It's so cool that you're off and running trying to figure it out. Perhaps the shimmer you are seeing is a silk?
Susan Elliott said…
P.S. I love that winter painting!! And come to think of it, I haven't seen the juncos yet either...

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