Painting... (or Why I Haven't Blogged Lately)

Just a couple of months ago, my kitchen looked like this.  I loved the open look of it, but dish storage was in short supply with no upper cabinets!

My sister and brother-in-law kindly visited in October and put the shelves up that I had designed!  We had trouble getting the brackets to work and they ended up being a bit bulkier than I originally wanted. I wasn't so happy with how the kitchen seemed so much smaller with them up either.  I missed the open look.

The past couple of weeks, my daughter and I have been working on getting them primed and painted.  How much happier I am with them!  The whole space is brighter and the open feeling is back!  There is still a bit more painting to do as the wall behind them needs a fresh coat of paint now and all the window and door trim needs painted to match.

The microwave, which has been sitting in another room for the past year will go on the bottom shelf here.  It will be nice to have it in the kitchen once again!

Next post, I hope to be able to show you the kitchen the way it was meant to be... though it still won't be "quite" finished as I still need to have the stove hood installed over the window.  That involves adding some venting through the roof and then a surround built for it.  Maybe that will get done next year!  For now, I need to get off the computer and back to painting!


Anonymous said…
The shelves lood great Lisa - white paint always works wonders! Looking forward to seeing all your treasures on the shelves.
Val said…
Sorry Lisa, that anonymous was from me
Val x
Adrienne said…
What a difference painting the shelves made in your kitchen! I have a long 'open' wall with no upper cabinets. I want to add shelves but my sweetheart things we should add cabinets. I don't want to close my kitchen in. Now I know that white shelves is what I really want. Thanks for the inspiration. Can't wait to see more.
it all looks wonderful and the extra help was wonderful too...I'll bet.
Ficou muito bom! It was very good!

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