The Change of the Season

Burning Bush Changing Color
It is a perfect snuggly autumn morning here.  The leaves are changing so fast.  I love this view of the Burning Bush from my study window.  It's the perfect spot to start my morning with the first cup of tea of the day.  Soule Mama mentions "first tea" on her blog this morning and it struck a chord with me.  First Tea.  Second Tea.  Just like the Hobbit's First and Second Breakfast.  Perfect!

Just a week ago, the grass was still green and the leaves were just beginning to change.

Front of House
This week, the aspen leaves are nearly gone and the burning bushes around the house have gone mostly scarlet.  The green starts to subside in the landscape as the golds of autumn take over.

Fall Color in the Yard
It's a symphony of color!

Day-lilies changing
Even the dying leaves of the daylilies get into the act with shades of brilliant gold.

Rose Leaves and Raindrops
The rose leaves are stunning with red borders and drops of morning rain.

Front Yard to Northeast
The yard around the house is scattered with the coin sized leaves from the aspen.

Frosted Dandelion
There are some lingering dandelion seed-heads as well.  

Late Lily
In the bed along the front walk, I discover this late blooming Nerine lily.  I was anticipating it to bloom in August, but it's just come into bloom in the last day or two.  What a lovely surprise!


Leslie said…
What a lovely yard. The little path is wonderful. I'd stroll down it every day if it was in my yard!
Kate said…
Thanks for sharing your pictures - such gorgeous colours.
Linda H said…
That nerine lily is gorgeous- don't you love late bloomers? Such a nice surprise...
Beautiful autumn colors- thanks for sharing with us!
suz said…
Your yard is so pretty. I love the burning bush. We have one beside the apartment building I live in. Last fall my landlord was seriously trimming it back. He said he Googled how to do it and was hoping it wasn't killing the bush (it didn't by any means!), but it was heading up to the second floor and his wife wanted it cut back. Apparently there are some states that don't allow them because they grow so quickly and get so big! The sparrows in our neighborhood love this bush! Fall is it's best time, with those bright red leaves.

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