Getting Things Done!

My sister and her husband have been here for a few days!  It's always a joy to see them, but this time is a little different than our usual visits!  How blessed I am that they wanted to come and "help" with some things around the house.  Goodness what a lot they've gotten done!

They started in the kitchen, where the trim and baseboards were not yet up.

It looks fabulous now!

Next they turned to the wall where I've wanted to put some open shelves.  Because of the lathe and plaster walls, we had to drill some pretty big holes for the anchors.

The brackets going up!

And the shelves are in!  They'll be painted white to match the walls, but that's a job I'll be doing later this week.

We put a couple more shelves near the stove where the microwave will go.

In the breakfast nook (which is now my studio) they added a shelf to a cabinet to make it more functional.

At the door between the kitchen and the garage, there was an inch and a half gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.  They added a nice new door sill and an door sweeps to give an airtight seal and keep out the cold air this winter!  I love the shelves and trim, but this door sill, makes me SO happy!  It's been one of my pet peeves about my little house and now it's all taken care of!  I'll stain it later this week to match the floor.

I had a piece of countertop left and so they put it next to the washer and dryer to give me a bit more folding space and to help keep our clean laundry out of the kitty box!  They also built a cover for the dryer vent hose that snaked along the back of the wall behind the kitty box.  So much easier to keep clean now!

Today they are working in the sewing room closet, putting in shelves so I will finally have a place to store my linens and crafting supplies.

This is also in the sewing room.  There was a set of broken drawers at the bottom, which they removed and framed out.  There will more shelves put in here, so hopefully, the majority of my storage woes will be gone once this is completed!  I plan to paint over that pink and turquoise scheme in the closet!

It's amazing how much of my "to do" list they have gotten done in just a few days!  Thank you George and Holly!


Val said…
Goodness, what a lot they've done, you must be so pleased. Holly and George are the perfect visitors!
Nancy said…
What a wonderful thing family can be!! Love the open shelving, I am really big into that. And you can never have to much storage, there is always something to put up around my house!!
Anonymous said…
Really coming along. Sometimes do you wonder how the people lived in the house the way it was? It looks so sonderful and now functional. It's a wonderful house! I love watching it evolve.
Laurie said…
I love your home Lisa, so special to have family to help you with all the details, what a great job they did!
Família é muito bom mesmo! Trabalho fabuloso! Acho que vou convidar o casal para passar uns dias aqui em casa...(riso)
Um abraço!

Family is very good indeed! Fabulous job! I think I'll invite the couple to spend a few days here at home ... (laughter)

Jo Castillo said…
Lovely additions to your place! Sorry for the problems in Colorado. Too bad we can't share the rain. I love the hollyhocks in a previous post. Thinking of you......
Marty52 said…
Great family you have there, Lisa! Those kitchen shelves are awesome!
Unknown said…
There's nothing like a sister!!!--and her husband it appears!!! What a great job they your additions-all ell thought out...your home is a gem, Lisa--so happy for you!!
Judy said…
How wonderful to have all that work done. Kudos to Holly and George.

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