Autumn Begins

The top of the china cabinet has been redecorated for autumn with an assortment of old crockery pieces, pewter and hand dipped beeswax candles.

Mollie Kitty had to participate too by sitting in the basket I was using to bring some of the seasonal decor up from the basement.

Outside, autumn is off to a slow start this year.  The silver lace vine is in full bloom and decorated with some lovely morning glories!

The white zinnias from the vegetable garden gather spots of red as the weather cools.

A few last posies to enjoy inside!  The yellow rose was especially sweet smelling!

With all the rain that Colorado had this past month, it is incredibly green and not the usual autumn golds  and browns.  Just a hint that the seasons are changing.

Dots of color on the aspen...

And on the Burning Bush, though most of the leaves continue to be green.

On the cottonwood shoots, the stems have gone red

But here and there, a branch of golden aspen leaves!


Nancy said…
Absolutely beautiful photos!!
Anonymous said…
When I look at your pictures I always ask myself why I don't see these unique little things you pick up when you take pictures. Like the red stems against the green leaf. So wonderful and explains the variation in color when you walk along and look at these leaves. But then you have the artist eye and we are so thankful you share it with us.
Lora said…
gorgeous! i especially love your mantel :)

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