All Saints Day

Frosted Dry Flowers
After two days of mist and fog, this morning dawned with a clear sky and frost on the ground!   It was lovely to walk around the yard when I got home from work this morning and see the frost tinged beauty of the late autumn garden.

Frosted Raspberry leaves
Every leaf was outlined with a rim of frost crystals.

Frost Rimed Geranium

God of time
God of dark
God of earth
God of heaven,
You are
Stronger than the elements,
Stronger than the shadows,
Stronger than the fears,
Stronger than human wills,
Stronger than the spirits,
Stronger than magic spells.
Your presence be our shield 
The love of God to enfold us;
The peace of God to still us;
The spirit of God to fill us;
The saints of God to inspire us;
The angels of God to guard us
This night, this winter, forever. 
From "Celtic Blessings, Prayers for Everyday Life" compiled by Ray Simpson

Frosted Comfrey

While I was out taking photos, this little chickadee had to stop and see what I was doing!  They are such perfect little storybook birds!

Wishing you all a Blessed All Saints Day and a Happy Halloween!


Nouli said…
I have never seen frosted plants, they are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you for lovely blog. Your posts are much appreciated and a blessed Samhain to you!
Lovely & amazing photos Lisa!
Beautiful photos of your garden and a lovely prayer.

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