Winter Tidbits

Warming Winter Meal
Sometimes, when it gets to be this time of year, and I hear about all the family activities taking place, and see all the photos of families together, I get a little blue over not being near to my own kids and my Mom, though I am blessed to have my sister only an hour's drive away.  So, when that starts happening, I know I need to do a little extra for myself to help chase the blues away.  So instead of eating dinner in front of the computer as I too often do, I clear off a space on the table (which at the moment is taken over by Christmas Cards, present wrapping and the like, and set myself a lovely place for a spot of dinner.  It's time to turn on some Christmas music and make a tasty wintry meal.

Warm Soup, Hot Tea
A spicy southwestern soup with toasted tortilla strips, some homemade cranberry orange bread, a cup of steaming spicy tea and a sweet mandarin orange.  Yum!  The soup is so easy ~ the recipe a gift from a dear friend in Michigan, which I tweaked just a little.

Southwestern Soup
- 1 can Tomato soup
- 1 can Cheddar Cheese soup
- 1 can Rotel Green Chiles and Tomatoes (I use the original as I like it a bit spicy but not super hot!  If you don't like 'hot', make sure to use the mild version!)
- 1 can skim milk
Heat, but do not boil.
Cut a Flour Tortilla into 1/2" wide strips, toast lightly, break into shorter pieces
Dish soup into bowls, top with toasted tortilla strips!  Enjoy!
Makes about 4 moderate servings

Dove snow angels
When we had fresh snow a couple days ago, I found three of these lovely prints in the snow from the collared doves that visit the feeder!  I have really wondered why they made them, as there is no sign that anything was chasing them, or that there was anything on the snow that they were after.  Lovely to have Dove Snow Angels!


Laurie said…
This soup sounds so good! And with the cold spell we're having, it seems perfect!
I love the dove snow angel. How beautiful.
Susan said…
That sounds good, and easy, both! Thanks!

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