A Little Stitching Underway

CQ cover for Pocket Calendar
All year long, I carry a small calendar with me, to keep me on track with my funky schedule.  This year, I couldn't find one that I liked.  Either the pictures weren't to my taste or the squares for keeping track of things were too small.  Then I found these inexpensive little pocket calendars at Wal-Mart.  The price was right, but the cover rather bland and uninspiring.  After seeing the wallets here, I was inspired to make a crazy quilted cover for it.

Calendar cover block
A few of my favorite fabrics in pink and green were picked out and simply pieced to allow room for some lovely seams. The embroidery is all pearl cotton, no beads or sequins added as this will reside in my bag and get hard use throughout the coming year.

Back of Cover
The back of the calendar.

Front of Cover
The front of the calendar.  I love the seam with the flower wheels!

CQ Block for Calendar Cover
Now, I just need to finish it with some green binding and pockets to hold the calendar in place!


Leslie said…
GREAT little CQ piece - love the colors. My whole guest room is pinks and greens and creams and I just love it. Your stitching is very nice.
Laurie said…
Oh Wow Lisa, I'm doing the same thing for myself and Christmas gifts for my sisters! I don't know that mine will be as pretty as yours, but hey! Great minds think alike!
Nicola said…
Your stitching is exquisite. Just love following your blog. xxx
John'aLee said…
It is absolutely beautiful! I recognize some of those fabrics..Paris Flea Market (Moda)...I sold a ton of that stuff in my quilt shoppe that year.
Hideko Ishida said…
I love your stitching. The color is also very lovely!
Christine said…
Very pretty colors and stitching! Love it!
Christine said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christine said…
Very pretty colors and stitching!
Lorraine said…
Great idea and beautiful stitching!

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