A Flibberti Gibbet

Do you remember those words from the song "Maria" in the Sound of Music when the nuns are trying to describe Maria?  They call her a flibberti gibbet, a willo' the wisp, meaning someone who flits from thing to thing.  That's sort of how I feel right now.  With Christmas past, I flit between projects, not getting anything finished, but changing from this to that on a whim!  So here are a few of the things I've been working on.  
Field of Flowers Afghan WIP
A while back I saw a wonderful flower afghan and I searched and searched for the pattern to no avail. Then, I saw a flower motif and recognized it as being very similar.  So I did my best to copy the flower and have started my own flower afghan!  I knew I wanted something quiet to go with my white and green decor and settled at last on these white flowers with green centers!  I can't decide if I like this side best or the other side, which I'll show at some point in the future.

CQ in progress
Then there are the crazy quilted pockets for a pincushion caddy to go over the arm of my chair/sofa.  All in shades of green, white and natural linen.

KidLin Knitting
There is the green Louet KidLin (lovely mix of mohair and linen that is so soft and light!) shawl that I've been working on for ages.  It's a simple garter stitch so it shouldn't take too long, but it is BORING knitting!  I'd sure like to have it finished to use this summer over a nice linen summer dress!

crocheted lace motif
Then I got to playing among my basket of old cutter linens as I've been thinking about making a very simple white pincushion with this piece of old crochet for the sole decoration.

basket of cutter linens
There's just something so delightful in playing around with old linens and lace!

old linens and lace
Even when some pieces such as this lovely old dresser scarf are too badly damaged to use as is.  It just means I can cut it up to use it for something else!  So many possibilities!

Garter Stitch Scarf
I did finish one more project before Christmas, which I couldn't share until now!  This is the scarf I knit for my soon to be new daughter-in-law who is engaged to my foster son!  We're looking forward to a June wedding!


Laurie said…
All so pretty Lisa! I've been flibberti gibbety myself lately! Always after Christmas. Just need to take a deep breath and start!
Nicola said…
You are so creative. I always look forward to your posts.
Anonymous said…
I loved every one of your projects. Jane in MO
Evane said…
maravilhosos trabalhos. Parabéns!!
Anonymous said…
I have decided your apartment must be like the Secret Garden where a person would walk in and find a pleasant place with so many wonderful things going on and you would be surrounded with all the peaceful, comfy decorations for that season. You could sit down in a chair reach over the arm and pick up a knitting project or a needwork in progress. I imagine it would be wonderful. Happy New Year Lisa, Mary
Bonnie said…
Do you have the link to THAT scarf?
We have 2 weddings : March and June!
joanne said…
Love the scarf for the soon to be daughter in-law. I would love to make it for my sons girlfriend who we are hoping to join our family. I have searched ravelry and knitty for something similar. could you tell me where you got the pattern so I can make it.
I have followed your blog for some time but hadn't been on in awhile. You look wonderful so happy for you I know what a difference it makes in your life. sorry for the loss of your Dad. One ofmy friends just lost her husband of 55 years and it is tough for her.
glad to see you taking more photographs I always love looking at your past trip photos.
I also crazy quilt but haven't picked it up in awhile. been sane quilting and rug hooking. and knitting again, made some mittens, and socks but would love to do that scarf.
Anonymous said…
Your creativity is most stunning. I too am crocheting a flower afgan very similar to yours and have not found a way to join the flowers together besides hand stitching each one. Could you please post how you joined your flowers together? Much appreciative... Dee
Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa -

Love your flower afghan...
I see this is from a few years ago, but was wondering if you have a basic pattern for it that you share.

Keep up the good work!


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