Framed at Last!

Gentle Blue Dreams Framed
Gentle Blue Dreams is framed at last!  Stitching was completed in May 2010 and since then I've been searching for a nice frame for it.  At first I tried a 12" square frame.  It was too tight to the stitching and  diminished it somehow.  Then, during a trip to IKEA a few weeks ago, I found these lovely simple 20" square frames.  The glass sits well away from the stitching giving all those dimensional stitches and appliques room to breath!  And having the mat makes the stitching the focus rather than the frame, which was what happened with the 12" frame.  I do notice that the camera makes the mat look much more yellow than it is in real life. I'll watch it in different light and if it continues to look yellow, I may change it out for a purer white or maybe even a very pale blue.  Regardless,  I'm so happy to have this completed and hanging on the wall!


Gerry Krueger said…
It looks just lovely... I'm always watching for square frames when I'm hitting the thrift stores and they just con't come up that often... Have a peaceful Christmas... Hugs Gerry.
Kate said…
Worth waiting for - it looks gorgeous.
Your frame is perfect and showcases your stitching beautiful.
It's so beautiful! Delicate and peaceful! I've enjoyed the progress of this work again for a while.
Laurie said…
I'll have to find a frame like this for the awesome angel block that was done for me in a round robin. It's to beautiful for anything else. Yours looks just beautiful Lisa.

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