Thanksgiving Weekend - part 2

Pansy Block 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

In addition to spending time with my sister this weekend, I also was able to spend some time crafting! In addition to working on some Christmas gifts, I was able to get two blocks pieced for crazy quilting. The beautiful embroidered pansies on this quilt came in the baggie that I won for the July Challenge on CQI. The fabric the embroidery was done on was trimmed quite close to the stitching, so the first order of business on this block is to get it sewn down in order to protect it without damaging the stitching.

Fairy Block 01
The second block I pieced uses a Fairy print as the focal point. I'm envisioning this block covered with leaves, plum colored flowers and white morning glories (or moon flowers?)

Winter book cover
I also was able to work on a scrapbooking project. Last year I did a Christmas scrapbook, but this year, I wanted to focus on the winter season as it can be so beautiful here in the mountains of Arizona. I gathered an assortment of blue and white snowflake papers to make the pages from. I still have to add holes and the ribbon binding.

Snow on Branches
Since we had our first real snow this weekend, I have my first picture to add!


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