Beaded Felt Pins

Beaded Felt Pins, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
With an unexpected night off work last night, the creative juices were flowing and I had lots of time for stitching! These felt pins were lots of fun and fairly quick to make using things I already had!

Hope Pin
I've had the Hope and Believe beads for some time now and they seemed perfect for a pin. Both the green and white heart shapes are cut from a wool/poly felt overlaid with a bit of green wool roving from my spinning stash. Using pearl cotton, I feather stitched the edges of the roving down to the top layer, then added beads freehand! The little bird bead is from a little stash of antique Arizona totem beads that I came across a while back.

Believe Pin
The Believe pin was my first attempt. The beads are a bit more random... I think I like slightly more order! But it was fun and nice to be creating once again!

seams block 3
I also worked on the seams of the third cream/white crazy quilt block. I've been trying to use a greater variety of stitches in these blocks. There are a few variations of feather stitches, herringbone and chevron stitch and my favorite in the lower right hand corner ~ the Spanish Feather stitch. I love that it looks like fancy braiding! I had tried this on the first block, but was glad it ended up to be mostly hidden as it was quite uneven. This seam isn't perfect, but I think I finally got the knack of it!

Looking back at the pictures of the first two blocks, I realized that there are still three small patches that need to be filled with stitching, so that's the next thing I plan to work on!


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