Cream & White Crazy Quilt ~ making progress!

Somehow, time seems to be flying by lately without much opportunity for working on projects or blogging. This weekend, after I finished my work "week" I was glad to have some time to work on my Cream/White crazy quilt project. I'm so happy with the two completed blocks above and really want to finish this project so I can hang it on my wall and enjoy it!

Blocks 3 and 4
The two final blocks are now pieced and ready for stitching! The seams will first be stitched with various fancy stitches and then the pieces embellished until they balance nicely with the first two blocks!

all blocks 02Nov09
Here is a look at all four blocks together, the way they'll be when completed. I'm pleased with the way it's looking! As I work on the blocks, I'm mulling over ideas for the borders. My original thought was to do a 4 to 6 inch crazy quilted border, but now I'm thinking that might be a little busier than I'd like some I'm considering doing a border in strips using some of the fabrics used in the blocks and simply featherstitching the seams.


Anonymous said…
Those are the most beautiful quilt blocks that I've ever seen! Thank you for sharing :-)

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