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Shell vignette 01, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

My newish camera has been giving me fits, mostly because I still don't understand how to use it very well. So I spent a good part of the day doing some research and learning some new things about how to use it. Since I learn best by practicing, I decided to put them to use by taking pictures of things around the apartment.

Shell vignette 02
After Thanksgiving, these sea themed vignettes will be put away until late spring. I do love the soft shades of aqua, creamy whites and taupe tones and the patina of age and the subtle iridescence on the old glass jars and the sheen of mother of pearl.

spinning vignette
In the autumn, I find myself returning to certain crafts such as handspinning and knitting that have been neglected over the warmer months. This pile of natural and green wool will eventually end up in a knitted wrap in a leafy pattern. Spinning is a meditative process for me, so soothing and calming.

happy packaging
While in Colorado, I stopped at Pacific Ocean Market in Broomfield, an enormous oriental grocery. I love wandering the aisles and picking out new items to try from time to time. On this trip, I picked up a package of Royal Green Tea Mochi. The packaging is just plain happy and makes me smile! So bright and cheerful! And the Mochi weren't too bad either! (don't ask me about the green tea cakes that tasted like crisp scrambled eggs with green tea powder... not my favorite!)

Dove imprint 1
What a lovely surprise when the sun at last came around to my windows today, to see this large imprint of a dove on the sliding door! Since I haven't seen any stunned doves on the porch, I'm hoping the dove wasn't injured and was able to fly away safely. Shocking though is how dirty the window is just a few short weeks after having been washed!

Sleeping Thomas
After seeing Thomas sleeping so contentedly this afternoon, I moved the comfy chair to a sunny spot and we both had a nice snooze in the sun! When one works nights, a nap isn't just a wonderful luxury, but a neccesity when one rises too early in the day!

For those looking for photography tips, The Pioneer Woman website has a wonderful and witty Photography page! Lots of great tips explained for those of us who need it in everyday English!


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