Rosebud Pincushion

Rosebud Pincushion, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

I love the big pincushions that I've been making, but have also wanted to make some smaller ones. This sweet little pincushion uses the metal lids from frozen juice concentrate instead of CDs!
Stitching 01
It was a much smaller piece to work on, so the embellishment went quickly. Since it was a small piece, I was able to devote time to making lots of french knots without getting too overwhelmed by them!
Rosebud Pincushion 01
Once I had assembled the pincushion, I realized that the top needed something else. At flea markets and antique shops, I've been picking up baggies of ribbon roses and so I gathered an assortment for the top.
The bottom is a heavy poly/wool felt. I've covered the join with a velvet ribbon and little rose colored beads.
side view 02
I'm so happy with this little confection of a pincushion! I'm thinking that rather than be used for sewing needles and pins, I'll use it on my dresser to hold a few special pins that I wear with my blouses now and then!


Becky Elliott said…
Lisa, I LOVE your beautiful pincushion! Your needlework is lovely!
dominique MULLER said…
so cute, so nice, so pretty c'est ravissant ! Paix sur terre merci dominique Muller

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