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Home again. I have left one home behind for another. Being in Colorado with my family for nearly two weeks was wonderful. There is a comfort in being surrounded by ones family that is matched by nothing else. It was so hard to leave them and return to Flagstaff. Yet it is good to be back, among my own things, with my kitties, my sister nearby and my job to look forward to. The above picture is a view from my parent’s home looking towards Longs Peak. The picture below is the view I had coming into Flagstaff last night. Wasn't that a stunning sunset?!
There is so much to tell you about! There are milestones reached, awards received, projects started and stories to tell! Where to begin?!
Autumn Block up close
Let’s start with a few milestones achieved by this blog! This post is my 100th post! This blog has also now had over 10,000 visitors! Also, in the past two weeks, I’ve received several blog awards! In honor of these milestones, I’m having a blog giveaway. Above is a glimpse of the Autumn CQ Wall hanging that I’m doing for it. It’s not quite finished, but will be soon! If you would like to enter, please leave a comment on THIS post and two weeks from today, on September 24th, I’ll draw the winner!
Art de Pico I heart your blog Kreative
So about those awards! It is heartwarming to be appreciated in such a fashion! I would like to thank the following ladies for these awards!
Ati ~ Ati on the Crazy Road
Marty52 ~ Textiles in Time
Cheryl ~ Cheryl’s Chatelaine
Adrienne ~ With a Grateful Heart
THANK YOU! I am truly honored by them!

After long and hard thought on this, I’ve decided not to permanently post the awards here as I feel it would change the peaceful feel of Ivory Blush Roses, but I do want to acknowledge the awards and share how grateful I am for them! This world of blogging connections is amazing and I am daily enriched by being able to reach out and share in the lives of people all around the world!

Many thanks to everyone who has left a comment in the past few weeks! I read and cherish each comment, but have fallen hopelessly behind on replying and humbly beg forgiveness!

Naked Autumn Block Nkd Scottish blk Christmas block ~ naked
One of the joys of visiting the family was spending much time with my daughter the seamstress and exploring her fabric stash and several bags of recent donations to her stash that she has received. From her stash, I was able to put together several small CQ blocks and got her started on her first CQ block! The three above are 8x8” blocks. One for the Autumn Block that I’m giving away, a Scottish themed block and a Christmas one. Unfortunately, I neglected to take a picture of the patriotic themed block my daughter is working on. We spent many happy hours going through fabric and trims!
Amy, Jon & Sally
Another joyful day was spent with my oldest son and his fiancé in the mountains. We had a leisurely hike around Long Lake in the Indian Peaks area, which has to be just about my most favorite place in Colorado. The mountains were beautiful as always, the forests green and lush after a summer and winter of lots of moisture and the wildflowers astounding in beauty! We had a wonderful time taking pictures and simply enjoying the day together!
On another day, I spent time with my daughter in law, gathering photos for a scrapbook of my son the Marine’s time in Iraq. He’s been sending us pictures, including the one above of him standing in front of an incoming sandstorm.
Scotch Tasting
My stay in Colorado ended with a weekend at the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Games in Estes Park. The weather was perfect ~ a blend of cool, misty days and sunshine and blue skies. On the first day, I attended a Scotch Tasting taught by Ian, the main distiller for Glenfiddich!
Jessie, Lisa & Zach
My daughter and youngest son joined me for the last half of the festival and we had our picture taken with some of the cannons that are fired off hourly during the festival. It was a glorious time together!
Lisa and kids 8Sep08
On the last night there, we gathered everyone in front of the fireplace for photographs. Here you can see me with my kids, except for my son the Marine in Iraq and his wife who was traveling with her parents this week.


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