Autumn in the Air

Autumn block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
The weather has cooled off here and nights are chilly. With early morning temperatures in the 30's, the furnace has been turned on briefly each day and I'm contemplating changing the white cotton sheets on the bed for creamy flannel ones. Even the birdsong at the birdfeeders on my patio has changed to a more wintery sound.

The autumn block for the giveaway is nearly complete! All that remains is to complete the border and backing and then it is ready to send out! If you would like to enter for a chance at it, leave a comment on the "Milestones" post. The drawing will take place on September 24th! I must admit that it will be hard to part with this block!

Sea Dreams seams
I've also done a little work embellishing seams on my Sea Dreams wall hanging. I'm undecided about the little starfish. It seems to overwhelm that corner. I haven't attached it yet and will decide once I have more of the embellishment done.


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