Treasures from the Old Sewing Box

Old Sewing Box, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

This old sewing box contains some of my favorite vintage sewing items. Most of these are things I've been saving for years, since long before the days of the current vintage and shabby chic craze. I have to admit that I'm reluctant to use them as I love just being able to look at them from time to time. So pretty! Yet most of the time, they stay closed in their box, tucked inside yet another a storage box.

Trims 00

Here is closer look at the card of trims. The fringe trims capture the light so nicely. I often wonder what they are made of. The fringe reminds me of milkweed fluff or even the poofy down off cattails. I have a nice collection of old lace doilies and when I spotted the thick/thin cording in a bin of old sewing stuff at the antique store, I knew just what it was for! Many old lace piece incorporate this type of trim. Once upon a time, I actually knew what it was called! I love the age softened color of the ribbon ruching! So many times I've come close to using bits of this ribbon on a project but then I find I can't bear to cut it!

tiny medalions

Aren't these little lace medallions exquisite? They were made by a great Aunt of mine. Such teensy delicate work! She was missionary to Persia in the early 1900's and it is thought that she learned how to make these needle lace pieces while she was there. I included the dime in the picture to show just how tiny these really are!

tatting samples

In my last post, I mentioned that my Aunt L had made samples of her tatted and crocheted lace. This picture shows many of her tatted samples pinned to a piece of waxy green paper just the way I received them.

Button box treasures

I've also been looking at some of my button box treasures. These little mother of pearl buttons probably came from baby clothes and lingerie. The largest are only about 1/2" in diameter while the littlest one is barely an 1/8th of an inch! I love that some of these bitsy buttons are carved with designs! Do you see the one with 3 holes? I've never seen another one like it!


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