Six Days Until Spring!

Spring is coming! Last night was the first night that was light enough to walk to work in months! So lovely to have that bit of exercise and fresh air before a night of work. The walk back home in the morning sunshine is a perfect end to the workday. It refreshes me, no matter how tired I am. Over the winter my efforts at losing weight stalled. Multiple feet of snow and ice on the ground led me indoors to more sedentary activities. I'm hoping that this daily walk will get things moving again!

Cream Crazy Quilt in progress

I've made a little progress on my crazy quilt square. So far, I've been playing with stitch variations from a 1950's booklet called "Aunt Ellen's How-To Book on Needlework". I should probably have tried a few of these out on a sampler before using them on my quilt square, but I was a bit impatient to work on it! Jo from New Zealand left me a lovely comment that led me to her blog, No Matter Where I Go... which showcases her exquisite crazy quilt embroidery! I'm in awe of the intricacy and beauty , not to mention the perfection of her work! My little square looks a poor country cousin by comparisson! Such inspiration she provides! I can see that I have much more to do with my square! And lots more stitches to learn!


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