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My Living Room view 1, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Back in January, I shared some of the changes I was making as I switched my bedroom and study/studio rooms. The sun was coming in so pretty today and so I took some pictures of my living room and study/studio room to share with you! Come have a look!

My apartment faces the west and sits on the east side of a hill, so it doesn't get the sun until mid to late afternoon. I do miss the morning sun, but the afternoons in the Living Room are delightful! The photo above shows the seating area and my shelves of movies.

My Living Room view 2

This next photo shows the windows and my plants (including the geranium (pelergonium) that insists on growing up through the lampshade! I don't watch TV at all, but I do love movies! When I need a bit of R&R, I plug in a favorite. "Enchanted" is my latest delight! Such a fun fairy tale!

My Living Room view 3

Next a view of the china cabinet wall. You can see Thomas enjoying the sun too! Afternoon in the winter often found both cats and myself sprawled on the floor in the sunlight, soaking it in! The china cabinet is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. At one time, I think it was built in to a home and had drawers in the bottom. It was one of my first furnture purchases after our house fire in 1999.

Easter Table

Here is the view toward the kitchen and dining area, with the table set for Easter Dinner!

My Study/Studio view 1

Now a look into the study/studio! I have lots of books as you can see! Over 1500 at last count! Now you can see why changing rooms was such a big job! On top of the bookshelves, I've displayed the few childhood toys I've kept plus a few things I've collected over the years including a Peter Rabbit stage, lots of stuffed bunnies, a Steiff guinea pig or hamster, my handmade Raggedy Ann, an antique metal train among other items!

My Study view 3a

This corner is where I spend most of my time! Pardon the clutter! I find I work best with an assortment of stuff around me so this area doesn't get immaculate very often! Miss Mollie Kitty sits on her mat on the corner of the desk when I am working and keeps me company! Sir Thomas has a nest on the floor beside the desk where curls up. I have a nice view of the hillside above the apartment from my desk and can watch the birds at the feeders!

My Study/Studio view 4

But wait, there is also a view of more shelves! And still more books! One of these days, I hope to exchange the brown shelves for white ones, but for now, they contain the books quite nicely! I keep thinking I'd like to continue downsizing my books, but after getting rid of nearly 500 of them, I find I'm reluctant to get rid of more. I do read a lot and often re-read books. Many of the books I have are used as reference for crafting, decorating or designing my tiny dream cottages. Then there are my old favorites... but the subject of favorite books will have to wait for another post one of these days!


DebbieKay429 said…
I LOVE your home! I somehow got to your site by googling for a quilt pattern. I loved your pictures and have spent the last hour browsing around. You have inspired me to start sketching again. You seem to like to have "projects" to work on. I love doing that too. I also learned to embroider from my Grandma when I was young, learned to quilt on my own in my 20's. I found "my style" in the last few years and its "Shabby Chic". There is nothing better than taking an old beat up piece of furniture or lamp that someone is ready to toss out and turn it into something beautiful that makes me smile. I have recently started recovering some chairs. Simple things so far. I love GoodWill and Salvation army shopping for bargains I can remake into treasures. I look forward to checking back at your blog for more inspiration in the future! God Bless, Deb

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