Making changes

I need more space!!! My apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area (which is also the only spot to put a dining table and a small kitchen. There is also a patio with a small storage shed, which also contains the hot water heater making only 1/2 of it usable space.

At the moment, my bedroom is in the larger bedroom. It's the one with a really big walk-in closet ~ big enough I could put a child's bed in there and call it a bedroom! All I do in this room is sleep and change clothes. I spend most of my free time in the smaller bedroom, on the computer, reading, painting, sewing, crafting, etc. This room also has a small walk -in closet that at the moment is filled to the brim with crafting supplies, including my loom which I don't use because I can't get to it! This room also contains the majority of my library ~about 1500+ books after downsizing!

Earlier today, I had one of those "VOILA!!!" moments! Wouldn't it make more sense to put all my activities in the larger room where I spend more time and need more space? So, I'll have to walk a few extra feet to the bathroom from my new bedroom. Small price to pay for improved space and storage for all things I spend time on when I'm awake!

I'm actually looking forward to having a smaller cozier bedroom. With less space, I'm much less likely to fill it up with stuff! And a smaller closet will encourage me to purge my clothing on a regular basis. Something I haven't been doing as well as I ought. This will give me the opportunity to go through everything and get rid of the tired and damaged.

Another great thing will be to have the BIG closet to store my crafting stuff in! The switch should make things accessible, which should help keep me from buying things I already have just because I can't find them. And keep me from making a huge mess of things as I hunt for stuff. Can't wait to get started!


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