A Happy New Year!

Christmas is past, the Artist has returned home to Colorado and I ushered in the New Year at work. The hospital never shuts down for holidays and babies are always being born, so the nursing staff celebrated at midnight with glasses of sparkling apple-cranberry cider!

I'm not usually one to make resolutions for the new year, but I do have some goals for the coming year.

  • To pay off my credit card and student loans

  • To lose 20 or more pounds (I'm setting a small goal here that should be more reachable ~ if I can lose more ~ what a bonus and blessing that will be!)

  • To visit the family in Colorado.

  • To visit with my Posie friends (date and location pending).

  • To maintain a routine of daily prayer and scripture reading.

In addition, I intend to continue downsizing my possessions and spend more time crafting beautiful and useful things (and some frivolous things too!). When I moved into this apartment, I purposefully did not get cable TV. Since there is no TV reception here without it, I find I spend more time creating things, reading and being outside walking or visiting my sister. I rarely miss it! I like that I am no longer bombarded with advertising and programs that make me feel discontent with what I have.

Tomorrow, I'll pack away the Christmas decorations and do a deep cleaning and redecorate for the winter season. Then I'll spend some time working on swap projects, making some decorated matchboxes filled with little treasures. I've always loved little things and recently discovered Swap-bot. Postage is going to be my frivolous expenditure in the next few months! I'm hoping to craft lovely little boxes and fill them from my overlarge stash of beads, buttons, trims, and tiny treasures! There is more than one way to downsize some things! I'm also enjoying making fun cards for various swaps as well. If anyone reading this would be interested in a private matchbox or card swap, let me know!

Health and prosperity
Your life to Cheer,
With every blessing
For the bright New Year!


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