Dotee Dolls my way

Although I had my share of dolls when I was growing up, I was more interested in designing houses for them than playing with them. But since I've discovered making Dotee dolls a few weeks ago, I've been bitten by the "doll" bug! The first three I made follwed most of the "rules" of Dotee Doll making, but now, I'm headed off in my own direction. These two dolls were inspired by a swap for a Creative or Art Dotee and crafted using materials I already had. I wanted to showcase some of the creative handcrafts that I do. The fronts are natural linen using scraps from a previous sewing project. The buttons are from my button box. The little quilt 4-patch is hand pieced and quilted and just barely over an inch square! The knitting needles are crafted from toothpicks and the knitting is from some fine singles of my homespun wool! The hair is crafted from lovely wavy locks of Romney wool gifted to me by a friend. Next on the crafting agenda is a pair of Shabby Chic Dotee Dolls!


teachukaren said…
Do you have dotee dolls for sale?


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