Newfound Treasures!

As a birthday treat to myself, I went shopping in Phoenix yesterday. Initially, I went looking for a scrap-booking and stamping store I had read about. Along the way I got lost and found instead that the entire downtown area of Glendale (a suburb of Phoenix on the west side) is filled with ANTIQUE stores!!! Because of my downsizing efforts, I don’t go antiquing anymore, as I tend to buy too much, so this was a wonderful treat! I found some lovely treasures!

White ironstone has become one of my big loves, so finding this beautiful bowl made my day!

These sweet button cards are so charming. I love the “Lady Washington Pearls”! Things with blue seemed to be my focus today as I also found these little books ~ “Lyrics – Wordsworth, Keats and Shelley” (I adore the poetry of Wordsworth!) and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” bound in blue cloth. Later I found the charming butterfly and dragonfly fabric that I can’t wait to make into something sweet!

One of my treasures is this elegant crystal saltshaker with a silver and mother of pearl lid!

I’ve been decorating for Valentine’s Day and these little tins and lacey pieces will fit in so nicely!

Eventually I even found the scrap-booking shop! It was a good thing I asked for directions at the antique store or I’d never have found it tucked behind a restaurant with only a small sign out front. It was on 57th DRIVE not 57th STREET. City planners must get giddy at coming up with confusing street naming projects that make it hard for unsuspecting people to find their way around. Next door to the scrap-booking store was a cute cottage with roses blooming in the front yard! In January! Almost makes me want to move to Phoenix to be able to enjoy roses in January. But then I remember that it can be over 100 degrees by April so that rather puts a damper on that idea!

I never did make it to the knitting shop, but I did find a Hobby Lobby (after asking for still more directions at the scrap-booking shop)! Now I’m set for crafting for some time to come with all the gaps in my supplies filled in! Now I need to buckle down to staying on budget and paying off debts. But what a treat it was to have a bit of shopping spree for pretty things that lift my spirits and warm my heart in the middle of cold January!


Lisa said…
I found your blog via your Flickr photos which I found via a link on Swap-bot. (I was actually looking at Dotee dolls--I added your picture of your dolls to my favorites--they are absolutely amazing!). What beautiful things you have made--your swap partners are so fortunate! I've also enjoyed looking at your lovely pictures of your special purchases and whatnot. You are so talented. You can be sure I'll be checking back often!
Anonymous said…
Such sweet little things you found! Makes me wish I was there to poke around with you! Love you!

Jessie >^_^<

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