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The Dark Barn10.14.15
The Dark Barn - 10"x20" oil on canvas
My painting from yesterday - a dark autumn barn for my Dad's birthday.  He and I both loved old barns.  

Done from a photo I took of an old weathered barn in Iowa.  It was one of those barns that looked different on every side.  This side was dark and almost blue.  Viewed from the side, it was worn wood with a saggy roof.  From the far side it was an old red barn starting to decay.  Hope to paint some of those other views in the future! 

It's good to be back on the painting journey.  It makes me realize just how much I've missed it.  It will be a while before my paintings are consistently where I'd like them to be, but with this one, I feel like I'm back on the right track.  

Have been doing a bit of stitching in the evenings too ~ working on my Mollie Feathers project.  Hope to have some photos of that to share soon!  


That is a lovely painting, one I'm sure your father will enjoy.

You inspire me Lisa ~ FlowerLady
Susan Elliott said…
You are amazing. And I just realized I am not. I changed the spelling of Mollie last comment cuz I saw all the other commenters say Molly...then I realized my brain was right to begin with...

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