May Day Snow Flowers
May Day arrived with snow flowers rather than baskets of spring blooms.  

May Day Squirrel
Even the squirrels seemed a bit bewildered that we had yet more snow this spring.  

May Snow 1978 
But snow in May is not unheard of in Colorado.  This photo of me shoveling snow is from 1978 when we had 19" of snow in the middle of May!  I was much younger and skinnier in those days!  

Colorado Blue Sky
How glad I was to see that bright Colorado blue sky this morning!  Just gorgeous! 

Great Horned Owlet
The owlet in the neighbor's tree is growing and starting to get some new facial feathers!  

First leaves of Spring
And the first leaves of spring have officially arrived!  The aspen trees in my yard seem to have appreciated this latest bit of snow as they have all opened their fresh new leaves this morning!  

As it is National Day of Prayer today, I wanted to leave you with these prayers from "Celtic Prayers of Iona" by J. Philip Newell.  They seemed appropriate to me with all the strife we have experienced within this past year in our nation and around the world. 

O Christ of the poor and the yearning
Kindle in my heart within
A flame of love for my neighbor,
For my foe, for my friend,
for my kindred all.
From the humblest thing that lives
To the Name that is highest of all
Kindle in my heart within
A flame of love. 

Watch now O Christ 
With those who are weary 
or wandering
or weeping this night.
guide them to a house 
of your peace
And lead me to be caring 
for their tears.


Nancy said…
Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Your photography is crisp and bright, love it!!
maire said…
Thank you for your beautiful prayer and the wonderful pictures!!
Susan Elliott said…
Wonderful. And thanks for showing me the owlet again. How lucky to have him nearby.

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