A Happy Mother's Day!

Glenmere Park
One of the things I've missed the most since I've gone back to working nights, is rising with the sun each morning.  There is something so peaceful about the early morning and seeing the first rays of sun across the landscape fills me with joy.  When I have more than a couple of nights off, I try to switch my schedule back, but still find myself sleeping the morning away most of the time.  But on this glorious Mother's Day morning, I was up with the sun and watched the red glow of sunrise through the trees.  It wasn't long and the day called me out for a walk through the nearby park.  

Glenmere Pond & Shelter
What a beautiful morning!  A sheen of dew across the grass, the warmth of the early morning sun and the cool air lingering from night!  The reflective light across the pond was lovely!

Island in the Pond
The little island in the pond was filled with birds!

Snowy Egret
There were snowy egrets ~ brilliant white in the morning sunlight.

Pelican with Cormorant Fleet
On the water, the American Pelicans were surrounded by fleets of Double Crested Cormorants.  I love how the cormorants all have their beaks in the air as if awaiting something special!
When at rest, the cormorants spread their wings out in an imposing posture to let their wings dry.

Black Crowned Night Heron
But it was the amazing number of Black Crowned Night Herons that really caught my attention!  I've never seen so many in one place together.  They can look rather ominous with a hunched pose and a brilliant reddish eye, but then one notices their long white streamer feathers spreading down their back!

Lower Pond at Glenmere
After watching the birds for a good hour, I completed my walk by circling the lower pond.  It was still as a mirror, completely unruffled.

Reflections at Glenmere
From some angles, the trees reflected in the water appeared almost more real than the real trees!  What a gorgeous, beautiful morning!  

As you know, I've been watching the owlet in the neighboring tree, and this morning, I saw that it must have flown the nest in the past day as the nest is empty for the first time in weeks.  A few days ago, the crows were circling this pine tree and heckling one of the adult owls that was resting in it.  The crows circled and made an enormous racket, making sure that everyone in the vicinity knew that there was an owl in the tree!

Chipping Sparrow
This lovely little chipping sparrow is the latest new bird to visit our yard!  There is a nice little flock that comes to visit!

Spring Hail
Yesterday we had a spring hail storm.  The clouds were black overhead with a constant rumble of thunder far overhead.  Then a subtle roaring sound started and I knew hail was on it's way.  From the intensity of it, I thought it might be a devastating storm, but at least in my area, this was as bad as it got. The poor forsythia bush had been ready to burst into bloom before last weeks snowstorm and hard freeze.  It's still managing a few blossoms, but I'm sure it's a pale shadow of what could have been!

Spring Leaves
All around the yard, the leaves are bursting out!  It's so wonderful to see them!

New Aspen Leaves
Especially the fresh new leaves of the aspen!  Those little round leaves with their red stems are such happy things!

My Family
How grateful I am on this beautiful Mother's Day morning to have such a wonderful family of children to be a mother to!  What a gift it is!

Suzi Plooster ~ Birding
And in looking back at my own mother, it seems fitting to have started off this Mother's Day watching the birds, which was her favorite thing in all the world to do.  How she would have loved to have been out there with me!


Você está morando num lugar realmente muito lindo! Quantas bençãos! depois desta caminhada linda não há como o resto do dia ser problemático, não é?
Um abraço!

Anonymous said…
Happy Mother's Day to you Lisa. what a beautiful tribute to so much and so well said and great pictures:):) I hope you have some time now to enjoy your wonderful home and your stitching.
Laurie said…
Such a perfect way to start the day Lisa, your photos are so beautiful. Bless you!
happy mother's day to you; early morning is my favorite time of the day.
maire said…
Happy Mother's day to you, too, Lisa!! So happy you found that camera...your pictures and commentary are always superb...it's lovely to hear from you again. Blessings, Maire

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