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My England Book of Memories
A while back, I shared about making a Blurb book about my week on the Queen Mary 2.  I recently finished one on my time in England and received it in the mail this past week!  It is so thrilling to see the books with my journal entries, blog posts and photographs all in one place!

My England Book of Memories
Even the back of the books came out gorgeous!  I must admit that choosing just the right photos for the covers out of thousands (over 11,000 were taken on this trip!) of photos was a challenge.  The ones that made the cut were photos that I felt captured the essence of each segment of my journey.

My England Book of Memories
In the books, I've included the entries from my daily journal that I kept and included lots of my favorite photos, including photos of many of the meals I ate!

My England Book of Memories
There are pages about the different places I stayed.

My England Book of Memories
And some spreads of groups of things that I found my self taking photographs of over and over throughout the trip!

I am working on one more book about this trip that will cover Scotland and London.  While the books are on the expensive side, when I figured out the cost of printing photos and putting them in albums, it actually works out fairly well.  And being able to include my journal entries and blog posts all together makes it such a complete book of memories!  I'm very happy with them!

The Teton Trips
I've also been working on another set of books.  Among the things I inherited from my parents were their large collection of slides and photographs taken throughout the years.  It's actually a bit daunting to look at and try to figure out how to manage all of it.  A while back, I invested in and Epson V500 scanner, which can scan slides and negatives.  I've been scanning many of the slides so that we can actually look at and enjoy the pictures.

Triggered by an upcoming trip, I decided to scan all of my parents slides of two trips that they took to Grand Teton National Park in the early 1960's.  It's fun to have these memories of my folks and to see the trips through their eyes.  I've made it into a book, which I'll be able to share with family and friends of theirs that are interested.  If you go to Blurb, you can see a preview of the book here!


Anonymous said…
Oh my, these are wonderful. To think of 11,000 pictures is truly daunting.
Dawn said…
Wow...what a project! What a thrill to see your work in print! Love those door photos. I have wanted to do a book. On my short list.
MadameRenard said…
oh, I love photo books! :)
Yours are amazing!
Anonymous said…
enjoyed seeing your blurb books. I need to start working on some.

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