Time to Plant!

Time to plant
What a joy to have warm sunny weather this weekend!  I made a trip to the garden center and came home with an assortment of roses and flowers to spruce up the flowerbeds around the house!  It is such a delight to be able to play in the garden once again!  It's been nearly ten years since I had a garden of my own to play in!

April Snow
Just a week ago, it looked like this!  The joy of spring snow is that it melts away as quickly as it comes. I'm afraid we aren't quite through with winter yet as more snow is predicted for mid-week.

Great Horned owl nest
In the neighbor's cottonwood tree, there is a nest of Great Horned Owls!  What a treat to see them regularly!  They do help to keep the local prolific squirrel population in check.

Squirrel siesta
That is a good thing as yesterday morning we had 11 of these critters helping themselves to the birdseed!  ELEVEN!

White Crowned Sparrow
We do enjoy the birds a lot.  Yesterday we had a new visitor ~ a white crowned sparrow!  The black and white stripes on the head are stunning!

White Rose
Inside, there is a little white rose blooming on the kitchen windowsill.  With the warmer weather it has been spending days on the porch in order to prepare for planting along the front walkway.

Happy Spring!  It really feels like it's here at last!


Quantas bençãos! Quantas maravilhas para admirar!
Um abraço!

Must admit that seeing all those pretty plants makes me wish (a little) that we still had a garden. Now we just have to enjoy what others do.
Anonymous said…
Inspiring, you see the most important in life and that gives hope!!
Laurie said…
I'm so happy for you Lisa, enjoy your gardens and Happy Spring! Love the owls!
Susan Elliott said…
Oh Please take more pics of the Great Horned Owl babies!! That sparrow is something...never saw one of those...and I just saw how beautiful your plants selections were for your shady spot. Around here, the deer eat everything...last year they even ate my peonies...they had left them alone for the 12 prior years and all of the sudden last year they attacked. I am sooo sad about that.

Love your nest and all the critters that come to play at your house....

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