Hoping for Spring...

Grape Hyacinths
The grape hyacinths were starting to bloom.

I planted some sweet white primroses.

Tulip buds
The tulips were about to bloom (lovely even though they were orange, my least favorite flower color),

Aspen Catkins
The aspen catkins hung in lovely pink and green clusters,

Goldfinch in mottled coat
The goldfinches were coming into their brilliant yellow coats,

The forsythia was just about to burst into bloom...

Snowy Spring
Then winter returned!!!  It was bitter cold and icy snow fell like it did across much of the midwest!  The snow has now melted, but more is forecast for the coming week and the wind blows strong with the coming of the next cold front.

Surely spring will be on its way soon and winter will takes its leave.  For now, I am grateful for the moisture it brings and for how it will help lessen the summer period of drought, but I do long for warmer days and the unimpeded blooms of spring!

For those who asked, my new job is off to a good start. The patients in our department are mostly high risk patients who have come here from a multi-state region because they or their babies need a level of care not available in their local hospitals.  It makes for a challenging and interesting job.  It also puts into perspective just how precious and what a gift life really is.  To watch some of these moms and their babies struggle for life can be heart breaking, but there are also many heart warming stories.  What a privilege to be able to care for them in their time of need.

Right around Easter, I misplaced my camera batteries and chargers... despite intense hunting for them, they continue to elude us, so photos may be few and far between for a while.  I think I will make the most of it by sharing about some of the women who have been enormous influences in my life in the coming weeks.   Until then, may blessings and joy be yours!


Anonymous said…
Well a few pictures are better than none and these are great. You always have the best bird/flower pictures & it's so good to hear your job is going well.

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