Freshening Things Up...

Aquilegia 'Songbird Dove'
Between the patio and the terrace is a flower bed in sad need of renewal.  Because it gets much shade during the summer from the maple tree planted in the middle of the terrace, it needs plants that can cope with the shade.  Among the plants I picked up to plant there is this sweet columbine called 'Songbird Dove'.  I love the ever so slight blush of pink.  The blooms are large and so graceful!

Love these violas, a paler version of the ubiquitous Johnny Jump Up.  I hope they reseed as easily!

Sweet Woodruff
I'll use this sweet woodruff as a ground cover around the plants and around the base of the maple tree.  It should fill in nicely!

Aquilegia 'Alpine Blue'
I also picked up a couple of these 'Alpine Blue' columbine to add in as well.

Along the sunnier end of the bed, I'll plant a David Austin 'Crocus Rose' in pale creamy tones similar to the Songbird Dove columbine!  Hope it will do well in this mostly shady spot.  It will get lots of early morning sunshine, but will miss the heat of the late day sun.

Ivy and Amaryllis
Inside I've been neatening things up as well.  With the onset of warmer weather, I find I want things simplified and less cluttered.

Living Room decorated for summer
For spring and summer, I removed the sheepskin throws from the back of the chairs and replaced the woolen throws with a lighter aqua one.  You'll notice that we have new curtains hung as well!

Living Room in Aqua and Linen
The mantle is freshened up with aqua candles to go with the seascape painting.  The painting belonged to my mother and was a gift to her from her painting instructor when we moved to Colorado many, many years ago.  I've always loved it and am so happy to give it a home in my living room!

Living Room - Summer
The sofa still has it's wintry dark green cushions, which I hope to change out for some aqua ones in the near future.  I am loving the softness that the new curtains add to the room.  So much nicer than just the metal blinds that were here before.


Anonymous said…
I love everything you are doing and the house and furnishings are so homey. It's so wonderful and I'm so happy for you.
Marty52 said…
So soft and serene... just beautiful.

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