One Year and Dreaming

Flowers in Remembrance
This week marks one year since my Dad passed away.  Months ago, my Mom had signed up at church to provide flowers in his memory at church for Mother's day.  We decided instead to provide flowers in both their memories.

While it was a bittersweet day, I was blessed with the presence of all my kids throughout the day!  And, I was able to get the new lens for my camera that I've been wanting!

One of the things I love about my Mom's house is that it has a lovely view from the kitchen window and lots of bird (squirrel!) feeders.  I will really miss this lovely peaceful view.

May 14 2012 WC
Yesterday, my oldest son turned 32!  How can I possibly be the mother of a 32 year old when that's how old I am?!  It does seem that age is more a state of mind at times!

Things have been busy here.  We listed the house for sale and now have an offer from the first people who looked at it.  What a blessing and answer to prayer!  Now if a perfect job would come my way and I could find my "forever" house in a timely manner!    I am so ready to be settled into my own place and have been clipping photos from magazines, pinning things on Pinterest, and making lists of what I would love to have in my dream home.  I thought I'd share my list with you.

  • A little house with character in a peaceful, quiet setting
  • Sunny and Light with south facing windows
  • Warm in winter ~ a gas fireplace perhaps?
  • Cool in summer ~ air conditioning? and lovely trees?
  • A bedroom for me ~ not too big
  • A guest room (or room for my daughter for now)
  • A study and place for all my books
  • A studio  ~ with room to paint and sew
  • A kitchen with a good pantry (white cabinets are a plus!)
  • A dining room big enough to gather all my kids around the table at once
  • A living room with space for my piano, but not so huge that it's no longer cozy
  • A little laundry room and an outdoor clothesline
  • A garage to park the car out of the weather
  • Room for gardens, both flowers and vegetables 
  • A small greenhouse or conservatory or sunroom (I do so love a sunny space and place for plants, especially in the winter!)
  • A garden shed
  • Apple trees, Cherry trees and Lilacs (though I can plant these myself if I need to!)
  • Small acreage with room for a couple goats, a few sheep and some chickens and a meadow/pasture
  • A small pond
  • Somewhat rural or in a small town

That's a pretty tall order for the very urban front range of Colorado on my budget ~ but it can't hurt to dream a little bit!


Anonymous said…
I wish for you everything on your list. It sounds perfect. Mary
Anonymous said…
I wish for you everything on your list. It sounds perfect. Mary
Marty52 said…
Wowzers... that dream house sounds about perfect to me. Take your time and my guess is you will find it... or at least something you can make into your dream house. Good luck!

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