A Busy Week!

Taking a Break
The past week has been hugely busy.  I finished my last few days at work in Flagstaff and then two of my boys, Zach (the youngest) and Jonathan (the oldest) came out to help me finish packing.  Here they are enjoying a break!

Lisa at Lomaki Ruins
We got everything done and had a day to spare, so we took a day trip to revisit some of our favorite places.  Here I am at the Lomaki Ruins at Wupatki National Monument.

Wupatki Pot
In 2009, they found two enormous intact pots in a gully where someone had placed them hundreds of years ago.  I found them fascinating.  I love that this one bears evidence of repair!

Navaho Taco
After our visit to Wupatki, we stopped at Cameron Trading post for Navaho Tacos.  Always yummy and very filling!  This is the "mini"size, which is more than enough for one person.  We ordered two for the three of us and still weren't quite able to finish them! The regular is about 12" in diameter!

Jonathan and Zach at Little Colorado River Gorge overlook
The steep walled gorge of the Little Colorado River is fascinating and in some ways, more impressive due to the sheer walls that are 1000 feet high than the more grandiose Grand Canyon.

We spotted this fellow enjoying the shade of some rocks.  He posed for us quite nicely!

Grand Canyon view
Our day ended with a drive along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Now I'm in Colorado and temporarily set up in my Mom's house until it sells.

bedroom view
I love the early morning view from her bedroom windows!  So peaceful!


Anonymous said…
So glad to hear you are 'settled' for the time being. Nice time with your boys. Good looking kids. Suzie in Idaho
Anonymous said…
It's great you're having some fun time with your boys in the midst of all the busyness. Love the view from your mother's window too.
Val x
Laurie said…
How beautiful Lisa. Going out west is one of my dreams, hopefully will fulfill one day. Enjoy your time in Colorado, what an awesome bedroom!
lunch looks delicious and the bedroom calm and peaceful.
allie aller said…
What a beautiful day trip! thanks for all the lovely photos, Lisa, and welcome to Colorado...
welltraveled said…
So happy you have arrived safely and the room looks wonderfully comfortable..
FredaB said…
So glad that the move went well for you. Sorry to read about your Mom. That was very sad and so soon after your Dad.

You look great and hope the job search is easy.


hpk said…
Lovely post! <3 hpk
Heikesquilt said…
Hello Lisa,
I wish I could buy Your house in Flagstaff, at least it's to far away for us.
Nice to see Wupatki and Grand Canyon again.
Have a nice start in Colorado.
Greetings from Germany

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