Natural History Mag 10/11
A few weeks ago, I received this magazine in the mail, seemingly out of the blue.  I couldn't figure out if someone had sent me a gift subscription or if it was a marketing thing, or what.  I was quite busy with work and studying for my RNC exam at the time and so set the magazine aside without really looking at it.

Then a few days ago as I was straightening things up, I found the magazine again and at last remembered that the magazine's art director had contacted me a while back about using one of my photos in an article on the Sonoran Desert, which I had given permission for.

My photo published!
What fun to have one of my photographs published and credited in print!


Donna said…
How very cool. Congrats to you.
Congratulations! Your photos are wonderful and deserve this kind of recognition!
Susan Elliott said…
You deserve it!! I LOVE reading and viewing your travels.

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