MaMere's Quilt

MaMere's Quilt
Another project finished!  This one has been on my list for... too many decades!  When my kids were small, their great grandmother on their Dad's side, knowing I liked to quilt, sent us this quilt top for me to finish.  She had pieced it, none to carefully (slightly different sized patches, incomplete seams, puckers, etc), with patches cut from old clothes and aprons.  There is quite a mix of colors and textures in there, which I always found a bit jarring, and I'm sure that's what made it languish at the bottom of the project bin for so long.

MaMere's Quilt
Many years ago, I did get so far as to thrift an old sheet for the back, added batting and tied it with yarn, but I never put the binding on it until yesterday.  As I looked over my list of things to finish, I realized that this was one that had languished for far too long and wouldn't take too long to complete.   So I dug out the seam binding I'd bought for it years ago, and got busy on it.

Old Sheet backing
Pinning and machine sewing the binding on took very little time.  Hand stitching the binding on the back side took the remainder of the day.  I also had to fix a number of seams where the patches were coming undone from one another.  I picked up a bit more yarn today to add some more ties at each intersection  as it seems a bit skimpy in that department.  Knowing what I do these days about quilts and comforters, I'd have used something colorful instead of plain old white for the backing.  But it's cozy and warm and I hope that one of the kids will enjoy having it!


Bekki said…
While there are a lot of different colors/textures going on, I feel they really add to the over-all "pop" and think it's a wonder quilt!

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