Organized closet
Several of you have asked how things are going after my surgery back in April and I'm pleased to say that they are going very well!  I'm down over 75 lbs from where I was in January!  I have so much more energy and I move so much faster than I used to!  This weekend, I took half a day to go through my closet, trying every single item on.  I was able to get rid of 4 large trash bags full of clothes that are way too big!  How nice to get everything all sorted out and downsize in such a positive way!  Everything that is left in the closet fits for now! (Provided you don't count things like suitcases and pillows, which are also stored here! )

Organized shirts
See all those empty hanger to the right?  I'm wondering how they all fit in the closet with clothes on them!  Now I've got things sorted by color, which makes it easy to find things that go together.  In another 20 lbs or so, I'll have to do this again as many of these shirts are just borderline too big.  How nice to have this problem rather than the old one of things getting too tight!

Last week, we had some tremendous thunderstorms move through.  One of them left us with lots of hail, up to 4 inches deep in some places in town!  The leaves on the trees are looking mighty beat up and much thinner than they had been!  I took this picture a couple of hours after the storm when I got home from work.  I can only imagine what it must have looked like right after!


Laurie Brown said…
Great to hear you're doing so well! Congratulations!
Marty52 said…
Isn't it wonderful to get rid of everything that is too big? I got to do the same thing last year when I lost 40 pounds... it was awesome. ;0)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful news Lisa, but, I'm not so sure about the hail. I'm not ready for cold weather yet. Mary
Leslie said…
I thought about asking a few times, but since you hadn't brought it up and weren't posting much, I wasn't sure. It's wonderful to hear how successful it's been for you. I bet it feels great to get around easier since you like to hike and be outdoors a lot. Hurray!
Adrienne said…
Congratulations! Isn't it fun? I've just done the same thing. Again. Love needing new - smaller - clothes. So glad you're enjoying the changes you've made.
FredaB said…
Lisa 70# is spectacular. I had been wondering but did not want to ask and thought you would tell us when you were ready to. Congratulations. 2 gals who came to the St. Louis retreat 2 years ago told me they had both had the surgery and showed me before and after pics and it was amazing.

Good for you.

Extra hugs

Gerry Krueger said…
Well I knew you delayed the surgery once and didn't know it had happened/// 75 lb is wonderful and I can imagine how much better your entire body functions. Brave girl you are.. Big hugs Gerry K.
Susan Elliott said…
WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHOOOP WHOOOP WHOOOP!! Im just jumping around in the kitchen -- I can't believe it! 75 lbs is a LOT of weight!!~ I am so glad it's working and you're feeling better and moving better...and, dare I say....dressing better ;}

Love love and SO much happiness for you!!! Susan
Sherry said…
Huge congratulations to you, Lisa! I'm so happy to hear of your success.

Sherry in Little Rock
Kate said…
Many congratulations - that's a brilliant acheivement.
Lorraine said…
Congrats! I have a friend who haad the same surgery and it was simply amazing to watch the weight "fall" off! I can imagine after 75 lbs you must feel fabulous!
Bonnie said…
This blesses me!
Way to go!

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