Road Trip Day 2 or Where Things go Awry

Lone Pine Mt Whitney
On day two of my road trip, I was up with the dawn and spent a lovely hour watching the sun come up and the jack rabbits playing in the field adjacent to my hotel room. The morning view of the high Sierra peaks was amazing! This shot was taken just across the street from my hotel.   

Hotel Bear Lone Pine
As I was leaving, I noticed this fun bear carved in stone in front of the hotel! He made me smile!

Mt Whitney
I drove up toward the Whitney Portal, where the trailheads leave to climb the peaks. This photo of Mt. Whitney was taken on the way up.  I never made it to the portal. Just after taking this photo, I was beset by horrible diarrhea and vomiting. Ugh! After re-routing to a campground with a bathroom (and returning several times), I finally felt a bit better and decided to head up the road towards my next hotel.

Rather than stopping to see the Manzanar Historic Site and visiting Devils Postpile National Monument and Lake Mono as planned, I realized that I needed to see a Dr instead.  I spent the afternoon in the emergency department at the hospital in Bishop, California. I was so glad to be there and they took such great care of me, that missing the sights was fine by me!  I was terribly afraid that the c-diff I'd had back in March had returned, so was grateful and relieved to find that it hadn't.  More likely, I just picked up a bug or had a case of food poisoning.  Imagine being happy about that!  I truly was!   

 Lake Crowley
By early evening, I was on the road again, feeling much better (and well medicated!) so I drove on towards my hotel. Lake Crowley in the evening light was just lovely. I got glimpses along the way of more amazing ranges of mountain peaks, but by then the light was too low for photos. Just as dusk gave way to night, I made it to my hotel in Lee Vining. How relieved I was to finally settle in for the night!


shirley said…
Wow just look at those mountains. What wonderful photos. I am sure you enjoyed your trip with such beautiful surroundings.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful mountains. so sorry you were ill. Jane in MO

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