Lap Afghan Finished!

Afghan done!
One of my goals this year was to complete a number of unfinished projects.  I'm making good headway and am so happy to have another large project completed!  I started this lap afghan last year from some wool from my mother's weaving stash.  I'm a slow knitter, so it's doubly satisfying to see a large project like this get finished!

Lap Afghan
The lap afghan measures 34" x 44".  Just the right size to curl up with in a chair while reading (or stitching)!

Basketweave Pattern
Trying to plan this project was the hardest part as I knew I had a limited amount of yarn to work with and wanted to make the most of it.  I ended up using the yarn calculator on Ravelry to help plan. For the most part, it worked fairly well.  I didn't end up with the square afghan I was hoping for, but the size still works out great, so I'm happy with it!

Afghan corners
With hindsight, I'd have planned the borders a bit differently so they came out the same width on all sides.  But I started off with a narrow border on the leading edge and so I finished with a narrow one on the top edge as well (though it's two rows short of the leading edge as I ran out of yarn!), while both sides are a bit wider.  I ended up with just a foot or two extra of yarn!  I still need to block it, but that's a job for tomorrow!


Wendy said…
Well done on getting it finished! It looks lovely, I can't imagine how long it would take to knit a blanket!
Marty52 said…
So soft and cosy looking, Lisa. That's a great pattern, I made several baby blankets many years ago using it. It fits in nicely with your lovely home.
Anonymous said…
Really nice and I love the pattern. Mary
Susan Elliott said…
It's beautiful Lisa and it makes that armchair look really very cozy!!! I could curl right up and have a cuppa...*sigh

Thanks for the fantasy...*smile
wouha ... really nice !! Have a nice time !! Guem
Anonymous said…
This is gorgeous - such a soft colour and it really showcases the lovely pattern.

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