Thread Book

Thread Book
Years ago, I had a wonderful DMC color card with actual samples of all their embroidery thread colors. I used it all the time to choose colors and make a shopping list from. It was one of the things lost in our fire. DMC makes a Shopper's Checklist which lists all the threads by number, but it doesn't show the colors. Plus, when printed up, I found it to be a little too large for my liking.

So this weekend, I decided to make my own little booklet to meet my preferences. Using a small Moleskine Cahir, I wrote down all the DMC embroidery thread numbers from their checklist. Then I went through my boxes of threads and snipped an inch of each color, pasting it next to the appropriate number. If there is a snippet of thread, then it means I have a bobbin of that color. In pencil, I wrote how many extra skeins of that color I have. On bobbins of thread that I need to replace, I put a star. For a couple of thread numbers, I found that I had two bobbins with the same number, but obviously different colors! For those, I simply pasted a sample of each! The booklet is small enough to keep in my purse without adding much bulk or weight and will now keep me from purchasing duplicates of what I already have!


Leeanne said…
What a great idea, now you are organised and will get no more double ups.I still have many DMC threads from my cross stitch days, but now that I am quilter I find I still use them for stitcheries.
shirley said…
What a great idea if I am in a thread shop I always seem to come home with a colour I already have. They must look nicer and inviting when new and hanging on the rack.
Kate said…
Brilliant idea! I may have to borrow that.
Lesley said…
What a brilliant idea. I bet we'll all be copying it! Blessings Lesley
Terri said…
What a wonderful idea! Looks like I won't be the only one "copying" your idea! Thanks for sharing!
Elizabeth Braun said…
Now that's dedication! I understand exactly what you mean by needing the colour chart though - I wouldn't like to be without mine, (although mine is Anchor as I use that as opposed to DMC and it was half the price too!!)

Keep up the great work!
This is JUST what I need for my bag! I'm most certainly heading back to the dollar store for a notebook! Shame I didn't find this before my morning trip!

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