Block 4 Complete!

Cream White CQ Block 4
Since March of 2008, I've been working on the four blocks of my Cream & White Crazy Quilt. At times, it seemed as though they would never be complete, but this weekend, I finished block 4 at last! Allow me to take you on a tour of the details!

Blk 4 detail Leaves Bullion Rose
One of the things I tried to do on all of the blocks is to try new stitches. I've always had trouble with the bullion stitch before, but finally seem to have gotten the hang of it! The leaf in the lower left is a variation of buttonhole stitch. I love the effect! The little leaf clusters are variations on the Fishbone Stitch.

Blk 4 detail Lily of the Valley
The last motif I added was this spray of Lilies of the Valley. It took me a long time to decide what to do here. After spending much time going through books, sketching ideas and browsing Flickr for vintage embroidery motifs, I settled on this one with stems embroidered in a lovely silk peril and flowers in SRE. I think it is my favorite part of the block now!

Blk 4 detail Embroidery Motif
This embroidery motif was modified from a vintage pattern found online. It didn't quite fill the area, so I extended it a bit more with some feathery foliage, in keeping with the original design.

Blk 4 detail Button Flowers
Each block has mother of pearl button flowers with stems and leaves stitched in rayon. What fun it has been to go through my button box (which includes buttons from my grandmother and others), as well as my mother's button box and to search out more beautiful buttons on my antiquing forays! The bone bird bead is from a local bead shop, which caters primarily to the Navaho and Hopi in the area.

Blk 4 detail Cast-on Flowers
Another "new to me" stitch were these cast-on flowers. They ended up being much more dimensional than any of the other embroidery on the blocks.

Blk 4 detail Butterfly Needle Lace
In this corner of the block, I used another spider web SRE rose, embroidered a Victorian era butterfly, and appliqued a small needlelace medallion that came from a distant great great aunt who was a missionary to Persia. In my subsequent research, I've discovered that it's related to the Turkish Oya flowers. The bit of crocheted lace is a sample piece made by my Aunt Lois. There is a piece of her lace on each block!

Blk 4 Detail Buttonhole Leaves Rose Trellis
Each block also features a patch of buttonhole stitch leaves as well as a rose trellis.

Cream White CQ
And at last, all four blocks together! In real life, the taupe velvet doesn't stand out quite so much, but the camera lens picks up a greater contrast than the human eye. I stretched the blocks last night and noticed a couple of tiny things to fix on the blocks before I sew them together. Then I'll stitch the seams with some feather stitching to make the blocks flow together a bit more.

What a great feeling to have this big project finally within reach of finishing!


Leeanne said…
True will you quilt these blocks?
Ren-in-Az said…
Exquisite! I must say, your best. Thank you so much for sharing.
Miranda said…
Whow...what a very, very nice bloks you made! Just LOVE it! Love those little birds in there...are the handpainted?
Greetings from the Netherlands
Anonymous said…
So much in these pictures that is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Every detail seems lovelier than the last but the vintage lace motifs, buttons and SRE lily-of-the-valley are wonderful.
Lesley said…
Exquisite! I have been quilting and embroidering for many years, but I have neber been able to produce anything like this! You have truly inspired me to keep on stitching. Just beautiful. Blessings
Your work is absolute perfection. These blocks are just beautiful.
Vintage Sandy said…
These are beyond beautiful Lisa, you truly are a talented artist of hand embroidery!!
Laurie said…
Oh Lisa! This is so beautiful! I couldn't say which motif is my favorite, though I am partial to the lily of the valley. Exquisite!
losri said…
Trop beau ton crazy patch !!!!
Vicki K. said…
Thank you for the nice close ups and tour of your gorgeous blocks. There is so much to admire!! I am particular taken with the buttonhole leaves...just beautiful!
Ati said…
Lisa, I love everything on the blocks. They look so delicate!
Your embroidery is gorgeous!!
Cathy said…
Absolutely exquisite, Lisa! Cannot wait to see this totally complete. Beautiful inspiration. Hugs, Cathy
Laura Bray said…
Amazing! I could sit and look at this quilt forever. What a beautiful heirloom you have created.
MJ Ornaments said…
Your quilt is beautiful!
Take care,
Angela said…
It is gorgous. Inspiring. I love it! Congrats on a beautiful piece!
allie aller said…
NOBODY does it like you, Lisa...just sublime, as always!
crazyQstitcher said…
What beautiful work on your blocks.
I love each of them.
Jenna said…
Just beautiful! there is so much detail...I love the ribbon flowers and all the pearls and buttons you are so talented and gifted :o)
Have a wonderful day! hugs, Jennifer
Anonymous said…
Amazing Lisa, gorgeous!

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