Snippets of Lace
A little baggie filled with snippets of lace was such a treasure to find when I was antiquing in Phoenix last week! Especially to find all these wonderful little tidbits of delicate tatting! The lovely variegated green stitching is a sweet embroidered tablecloth that fits my table perfectly! I loved that it was in my favorite shades of ivory and green!

Summer Hillside
I took all these treasures outside this afternoon, intending to photograph them amongst the green landscape. But I was distracted by the beautiful sunlight on the hillside, which for the first time this year, has distinct undertones of green now that the monsoon rains have arrived.

Then I got distracted by the twining of this stem of bindweed as it weaves amongst the curls of one of the patio chairs.

Blossom caretakers
On the ground under the birdfeeder, some seeds have sprouted and among them is this striking yellow bloom, complete with it's little bug "caretakers" hidden in the blossom!

On the patio, a sunflower sprouted amongst the violas and is reaching horizontally across my normally shady patio towards the sun.

Nearsighted view
One of my favorite views from the apartment is this lovely little grove of Gamble Oak tucked in an opening among the ponderosa pines. I am so nearsighted without my glasses these days, that what usually captures my attention most is a mix of color and light. By leaving the auto-focus off, I was able to capture the essence of that! I love the bokeh effects! I often think that the great impressionist painters must have all been nearsighted in order to paint light and color the way that they did! Can you imagine a beautiful quilt made with tiny hexagons of colored fabric hand-stitched together to mimic this photo? Or circles of translucent fabrics stitched overlapping one another to achieve a similar result?


Dawn said…
Lovely find!
It will be interesting to see where they are incorporated into your work.

Wonderful outdoor photos!!!

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