Autumn Jewels

Beauty, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The leaves are gorgeous outside my apartment. Had to share a few photos before I left for work this evening! Enjoy!

Fireworks of leaves


Nature's Bouquet

Golden Halos


Suztats said…
Such lovely colours!
Laurie said…
The colors are amazing, many I've never seen on leaves before. I'm glad you shared them with us!
hpk said…
Bunny-Boni. I like that. But as I recall, your signature and nickname in high school was mouse! Both gentle and sweet. They say with every decade you're a new person, so I'm all in favor of Bunny.
Anonymous said…
Very beautiful leaves, such gorgeous colors:)

Thank you for sharing such pretty pics.

Ann Flowers
Anonymous said…
These are so wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to sanp these for us:) I just read an article on how leaves turn colors and it was interesting but viewing and enjoying them is the best! Mary
lakenreich said…
The pictures of leaves are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Leslie

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