Autumn's Arrival

One of the round robins that I'm participating in is the Autumn DYB (do your block). Cathy's blocks used lovely fabrics in autumnal tones that I hated to cover up. Instead I focused on seam treatments and only a few small motifs. The sunflower and lace were dyed at the CQI retreat. One of the tricks i learned there was to use a brush to apply the alcohol inks and also that they can be thinned with water. I love the more subtle effects you can get doing it this way! So much better than trying to control the color flow when using drops of ink straight from the bottle!

Gentleman Crow
At home, I haven't done a lot of autumn decorating yet, but I had to put out this Gentleman Crow that I picked up in Colorado! He makes me smile every time I look at him!

No Name Rest Area
Coming back from Colorado, I still wasn't feeling well, so my daughter came with and did most of the driving. It was lovely to see the leaves changing at the rest stop in Glenwood Canyon.

Flooded Arroyo
As we drove across southern Utah we skirted several large storms. Then we realized how much rain they must have dropped as the usually dry arroyos were churning with muddy water!

Monument Valley
The moisture in the air gave Monument Valley a mystical appearance. The colors of the desert saturate when wet, making it look almost unreal.

The clouds and light were amazing! It wasn't until we got back that we realized that there had been tornadoes near Flagstaff earlier in the day! My home was safe and sound, but I have heard of damage to several homes to the west of Flagstaff.

leaf jewels
At home, the leaves are still mostly green, but here and there a few changing leaves glow like jewels when the evening sun hits them! The days and nights have gotten cooler and the furnace has been turned on! All sure signs that Autumn is truly here!


Diane said…
What lovely photos Lisa. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Retreat. Hope that you are feeling much better now.
Anonymous said…
It's so much fun to tune in one more time before I turn in and get an evening surprise. As always the block you worked on is wonderful and I love Mr. Crow and all the other pictures but the "rest" area was a pleasant surprise. I feel you see the best in everything in this world and bring it to all of us. Feel better! Mary
Unknown said…
Your stitching and designs are just beautiful! I love the colors.
Marty52 said…
I love Autumn! That block is beautiful but I have to say that Gentleman Crow is a real cutie! That picture of monument valley is beautiful with the mist about. Thanks for sharing!

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